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North Carolina Could Become Fifth State With an Ag-Gag Law – May 26, 2015

Bill sitting on Governor McCrory’s desk would make it illegal to document or film animal abuse on factory farms

Whistleblowers beware. Last week, the North Carolina senate passed HB 405, a controversial “ag-gag” bill that would make it illegal to document unethical or illegal practices on industrial farms in the state. Passed by the House in April, the bill has been presented to the Governor, who has five more days to veto it. If he does nothing (or signs it) before the end of the week, North Carolina will join Idaho, Iowa, Missouri, and Utah as the fifth state with a law criminalizing undercover investigations of factory farms.

Photo of Poultry Factory FarmPhoto by Farm Sanctuary HB 405 would criminalize undercover… more

by: Zoe Loftus-Farren

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Fighting for Our Oceans – April 20, 2015

From Haiti to Scotland, Goldman Environmental Prize winners tackle marine management challenges

In an era of seemingly unlimited threats to the environment, ocean health is one of the most urgent and severe challenges facing activists today. The oceans are under fire from almost uncountable ills, including rampant overfishing, ocean acidification, plastics pollution, oil spills, and ocean dumping, to name a few. But although the challenges are humbling, there are some activists who have faced them head-on, and with astounding success.

Goldman PrizePhoto courtesy of Goldman AwardsJean Wiener has worked for more than two decades to protect Haiti’s coastal environment and empower local communities.

Jean Wiener and Howard Wood may live 4,000 miles apart,… more

by: Zoe Loftus-Farren

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SeaWorld Faces Third Lawsuit in as Many Weeks Over Orca Captivity – April 13, 2015

Lawsuit says the marine entertainment company misleads the public about the health and wellbeing of captive orcas

SeaWorld has been treading water for the past few years as it faces ongoing criticism about its captive orca program. The marine entertainment behemoth may soon find itself sinking: Today, a new lawsuit was filed against SeaWorld claiming that the company makes false and misleading statements about the health and welfare of its captive whales.

SeaWorldPhoto by SeeBeeW, on Flickr An orca performs in SeaWorld’s Shamu “Believe” show. The latest lawsuit says SeaWorld misleads the public about the many negative impacts of captivity on orcas.

The lawsuit, filed in San Francisco Superior Court on behalf of two plaintiffs, includes a… more

by: Zoe Loftus-Farren

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A Home For Businesses That Believe Ethics and Profits Aren’t Mutually Exclusive – February 19, 2015

The American Sustainable Business Council works to amplify the influence of sustainable businesses on policy issues like clean energy, food, and agriculture

We may have reached the point of peak craft beer. Cities are ranked based on their breweries, connoisseurs opt for beer tastings over wine flights, and beers are brewed with everything from matté, to mustard seeds, to pomegranate. In the midst of this beer hysteria, some craft breweries are taking things a step further, aiming to make beer that is not just small-batch and delicious, but that is also sustainable.

 Beer sampler Photo by Quinn Dombrowski, on Flickr Businesses like New Belgium Brewing Company have joined the American Sustainable Business Council to amplify their voice in public policy debates.


by: Zoe Loftus-Farren

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Advocates Win Key Victories to Stop Wildlife-Killing Contests in the US – December 16, 2014

Statewide ban in California and victories in Idaho and Oregon spur hope for nationwide predator management reform

Wildlife-killing contests in the United States go by many different names, including wildlife derbies, predator-hunting contests, coyote calling contests, and coyote drives. But whatever the name, and wherever they are held, these contests come down to the same basic principle: Hunting animals for entertainment, with prizes for the top killers.

Coyotephoto byShawn McCready, on FlickrPrizes and inducements can no longer be awarded for nongame wildlife-killing contests in California.

Recently, the prize-for-killing mentality has come under increasing scrutiny, and in early December, wildlife activists won a key victory when the California Fish and Game Commission announced that “prizes… more

by: Zoe Loftus-Farren

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