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“The Bill” – July 28, 2009

Best short film about global climate justice ever!!

This little film ... ... isn't perfect, but damn is it good. Four minutes and 22 seconds, in German with English subtitles, but watch it anyway. Kudos to Germanwatch , and if anyone wants to pay for an English version, don't hesitate to call.


by: Tom Athanasiou

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Who gets blamed? – June 25, 2009

Bonn was disappointing, and Copenhagen will be too. Who to blame?

First up, the climate talks are not going very well.  After a rousing start in Rio in 1992, from which we returned with the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, the negotiations have been anything but inspiring.  1997’s Kyoto Protocol defined the rich-world actions - the first steps - that would put meat on the Convention’s bones, but the details were not ideal, and after Kyoto, well, let’s just say that things didn’t quite work out as hoped.  And now, twelve years on, Copenhagen is rising on the horizon.   In fact, we’re almost there. 

Unfortunately, judging from the preparatory talks that just ended in Bonn, the guarded progress of the… more

by: Tom Athanasiou

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