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Italy’s Voters Scrap Nuclear Energy! – June 13, 2011

Crushing Political Blow for Already Beleaguered Berlusconi

Berlin, Germany – Voters in Italy turned out in droves on Monday to scrap nuclear energy and water privatization. As polls on referendums on four key pieces of government legislation closed on Monday afternoon, the 50 percent hurdle required for the voter turnout to count had been cleared. The latest count put the quorum at 57 percent.

Photo courtesy European People's Party
"We shall say goodbye to nuclear energy," Italian
prime minister Silvo Berlusconi said, admitting defeat.

Nuclear energy was one of four items on the ballot. The others include water privatization (two questions) and whether or not government officials must appear in court when they… more

by: Tina Gerhardt

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The UN Climate Negotiations Kick Off — Sort Of – June 8, 2011

Bolivia Criticizes Market Mechanisms in the Cancún Agreement and REDD

Bonn, Germany – On Monday, a two-week long round of UN climate negotiations, lasting from June 6 to June 17, 2011, kicked off in Bonn, Germany. The talks will prepare for the way for the COP 17, which takes place November 28, 2011 to December 9, 2011 in Durban, South Africa.

Over 3000 participants from 183 countries, doing their best to avoid the E. Coli scare currently sweeping Germany, are in attendance.

Photo courtesy:
Robert vanWaarden/Oxfam
Oxfam campaigners spelling out their message to UN delegates during the 2010 United Nations climate
talks in Bonn Germany

The work before the group is clear. Last week,… more

by: Tina Gerhardt

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German Utilities Push Back on Merkel’s Plan to Phase Out Nukes – June 6, 2011

Can Renewables Fill the Gap When Nukes Go Offline?

Berlin, Germany — The German cabinet signed off today on a ‪bill‬ phasing out all nuclear energy in Germany by the end of 2022, underscoring the economic and environmental benefits of this shift.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel had announced the decision last Monday, May 30, after more than 100,000 people protested nuclear energy in over 20 cities across Germany on May 28. In Berlin alone, over 20,000 demonstrated.

Photo by PrachataiMore than 100,000 people protested nuclear energy in over 20 cities across
Germany last month

Merkel’s decision marks a reversal of her previous policy. Last fall, she had announced that she would extend… more

by: Tina Gerhardt

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