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Next Steps for the GMO Labeling Movement – December 13, 2013

With each attempt, the public becomes more educated about this issue

The final result from Washington State's ballot initiative to label genetically-engineered foods was painfully close. A mere two percentage points (38,000 voters) made the difference between yes and no. Similarly, last year in California, the Yes side lost by a narrow margin. Also in both states, early polling showed a strong lead, which was then chipped away at by a barrage of ads from the No campaign. Lying underneath this same pattern is an ugly industry play book that explains how voters can change their mind so easily.


Before the genetically engineered (GE) food labeling movement marches on to the… more

by: Michelle Simon

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Connecticut Legislature Moves to Label GMO Foods – June 6, 2013

Law is first of its kind in the United States

This week, Connecticut won the honor of becoming the first state to pass a law requiring genetically engineered foods to be labeled. (The governor has indicated he will sign.) It was really only a matter of time. The disappointing defeat of Prop 37 last fall in California – thanks to a massive industry disinformation campaign – sparked a national movement that has resulted in labeling bills getting introduced in about half the states.

But how did the small state of Connecticut make this happen?

la_farmers_marketby lachshand, on Flickr

I spoke at length with the leader of the effort, Tara Cook-Littman… more

by: Michelle Simon

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