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Only a Moratorium on Fracking Will Help Protect California, say Green Groups – August 30, 2013

Lone surviving regulatory bill insufficient, Gov Brown should put a halt to all fracking activity immediately, say activists

UPDATE, 2:20 p.m., August 30: SB 4 has made it out of the House appropriations committee and is now eligible for a floor vote in the state assembly.

California lawmakers will most likely make a decision today on Senate Bill 4, the only fracking regulatory bill still alive during this current legislative session. So it might come as a surprise to some that instead of supporting the bill, 120 environmental, public health, and social justice groups have released a statement calling the proposed legislation “insufficient.”

photoname Photo by Richard Masoner/CycleliciousThe oil and gas industry spent 2.3 million during the first half of… more

by: Maureen Nandini Mitra

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US Navy Ignores California’s Call to Curb Training Involving Sonar, Underwater Blasts – August 26, 2013

Several new studies show Naval activities are impacting CA's blue whale and beaked whale populations especially hard

The US Navy recently declared that it has no intention of listening to the California Coastal Commission’s recommendations on mitigating the impact of its sonar and offshore training drills on marine mammals.

humpback whalesPhoto by Mike" Michael L. Baird/flickr.bairdphotos.comHumpback whales surrounded by birds and sea lions, just off Morro Rock, CA.

The commission had asked the Navy to declare some Southern California coastal areas off-limits for training. Back in March, the commission had objected to the Navy's assertion that the drills did not harm marine mammals, declaring by unanimous vote that the claim was not supported by scientific evidence. The commission had said that the… more

by: Maureen Nandini Mitra

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Linda Tucker is Racing to Save White Lions, Only 7 of Which Roam Free in South Africa – August 23, 2013

Half of the lion trophies coming out of Africa today are shot by American hunters, says conservationist

Linda Tucker

Linda Tucker has committed her life to protecting white lions. A rare variant of the African lion (panthera leo leo), white lions are found in only one place on Earth — the Greater Timbavati-Kruger National Park region of South Africa. The lions are gravely endangered, only seven of these majestic animals roam free in Timbavati today thanks to the Global White Lion Protection Trust that Tucker helped set up in 2002. The trust manages the Tsau White Lion Heartland, a protected wilderness area, and also works to protect the Indigenous Tsonga and Sepedi cultures that celebrate the white lion as part… more

by: Maureen Nandini Mitra

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Are Wolves Returning to the Netherlands? – August 19, 2013

Discovery of carcass indicates wolves may be making their way back into the country after more than a century

Are they back yet? The discovery of a dead she-wolf in the Netherlands in July has sparked off a debate among conservationists about whether wolves have indeed moved back into the country after more than a century.

European wolfPhoto by Michael Wallace
Earlier this month a coalition of Dutch scientific and wildlife groups came together to declare that the wolf had been living in the Netherlands for a while before it was hit by a vhehicle and killed.

The last official sighting of a wolf in the Dutch wilderness was near the town of Heeze, North Brabant, in 1897.

The body of the animal, apparently… more

by: Maureen Nandini Mitra

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Chevron Refinery Protest Draws Thousands to Richmond, CA – August 5, 2013

208 people arrested; climate movement is growing stronger, says Bill McKibben

The thing that never ceases to amaze and move me about protests and civil disobedience actions in the United States is the cheerful, festive spirit that usually defines these events.

protestors in march to Chevron refinery in RichmondPhotos by Ian UmedaSaturday's protest marked the one-year anniversary of the August 6, 2012 explosion and fire at the Chevron refinery that sent about 15,000 people to the hospital with respiratory problems.

Protests in India, where I grew up, are usually grim, tense affairs where the seriousness of the matter being protested seems to weigh the demonstrators down. Here in the US, people participating in protests seem… more

by: Maureen Nandini Mitra

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