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Obama Isn’t Saving the Whales – September 16, 2011

Without Economic Sanctions it’s Unlikely Iceland will End its Whaling Program

There is nothing quite like a trade sanction to help persuade a country into changing its behaviour. Which is why President Obama’s decision to waive all economic sanctions against Iceland for their illegal whaling operations has left people scratching their heads.

Earth Island Institute’s International Marine Mammal Project and other environmental and animal welfare organizations, along with several members of Congress, had urged President Obama to impose strong economic sanctions against Iceland, to no avail.

Despite acknowledging that Iceland’s commercial whaling is undermining multilateral conservation efforts for these endangered and highly intelligent mammals, Obama said in a statement to Congress that he would not direct… more

by: Laura Bridgeman

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Why People Should Stop Buying Tickets to Captive Dolphin Shows – September 13, 2011

Live Dolphin Exports a Major Reason for Continuing Hunts in Japan

This year’s second dolphin drive hunt in Taji, Japan, took place on September 10. It involved the capture of a pod of bottlenose dolphins and the selection of one “show quality” individual who is destined for a life in captivity. It will be trained in one of the cramped sea pens anchored in the Taiji harbour, and then be shipped to one of the growing number of marine parks, aquariums or dolphinariums around the world.

Photo by Mark J. Palmer Dolphins at an aquarium in Tokyo. Show dolphins’ natural behavior is suppressed and replaced with
‘tricks’ taught through a brutal training regime involving routine starvation.

Thankfully,… more

by: Laura Bridgeman

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Japan Dolphins Day – Note from Taji – September 2, 2011

Raising Awareness within Japan is Key to Halting Dolphin Slaughter

As our bus pulled into the parking lot across from "The Cove", which many of you have seen in the in the Oscar-winning documentary bearing that name, we immediately knew that our efforts had been a success. The normally sleepy Japanese town of Taiji had been transformed into a media circus – which is precisely what we, at Ric O’Barry’s Save Japan Dolphins, had hoped for.

Photo by Mark Palmer A moment of silence for lives lost in the March tsunami and quake, and the dolphins killed, and
about to be killed, at "The Cove".

Cheers erupted from our bus, filled with volunteers from around… more

by: Laura Bridgeman

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Bluefin tuna – on the brink of extinction – April 25, 2011

Why we stand to lose much more than an item off a seafood menu

The bluefin tuna has become such a prominent cornerstone of our consumptive culture that its name is rarely unaccompanied by the words ‘sandwich’ or ‘sushi’. For many generations, this enormous fish has nourished people from every walk of life — from the poverty-stricken to the exorbitantly wealthy; it forms at once a healthy meal and delicious indulgence.

Photo by Niall Kennedy

But what of this mighty predator of the sea? Many people who eat it have never seen pictures of it, let alone watch it swim in its natural habitat – which is where its true beauty comes to the surface. Unfortunately, time appears to… more

by: Laura Bridgeman

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Stubborn Canada Continues With Annual Seal Slaughter Despite Low Demand – April 14, 2011

468,200 seals are slated for slaughter this year

Oh, Canada! Why art thou so stubborn? The Great Canadian Seal Slaughter, the single largest marine mammal slaughter in the world, is in full swing and will continue to the end of May.

This controversial hunt has been hotly contested for decades, with economic interests and political will serving to convolute an issue which should be cut and dried: The killing of baby seal pups, in inhumane ways and for illogical reasons, is wrong and should be stopped.

Photo courtesy Respect for Animals

Despite the dire predictions on seal populations due to climate change the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) has prescribed the highest… more

by: Laura Bridgeman

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