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South Korean Captive Dolphins have a Shot at Freedom – May 10, 2012

In First-of-its-Kind Ruling, Judge Orders Release of Five Captive Dolphins

South Korea could be well on it’s way to becoming a dolphin-friendly nation. Like many other countries, it has captive facilities where dolphins are made to perform degrading tricks and live in unbearably small tanks. But a recent ruling on the case of five illegally captured bottlenose dolphins is making waves in the country’s animal rights, as well as animal industry, circles.

Photo courtesy of Ryu Woo JongTwo of the captive dolphins currently being held at an underground pool in Pacific Land, a theme
park on the south coast of Jeiu Island in South Korea.

Pacific Land, a theme park on the south coast of… more

by: Laura Bridgeman

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Cruel Slaughter Video Highlights Need for Harsher Penalty for Animal Welfare Offenders – April 16, 2012

Illegal LA Slaughterhouse Proves that Locally-Sourced Meat Might Not Always be Ethical

As the horrific conditions on factory farms continue to be brought to the public’s attention, compassionate consumers are turning to local suppliers to buy their meat, under the impression that the animals are treated more “humanely” at these outlets. Unfortunately, this is not always a safe assumption to make.

Photo by Marji BeachRescued sheep at a California Animal sanctuary.

Earlier this month, the owner of an unlicensed illegal slaughter facility of in Los Angeles County, who supplied “local” meat, was arrested after shocking hidden-camera footage, showed him slitting the throat of two animals and letting them bleed to death.

The video clip, released last Friday… more

by: Laura Bridgeman

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‘Friend of the Sea’ and ‘Dolphin Safe Tuna’ Team Up Against Ocean Abuse – March 1, 2012

Collaboration Will Help Ensure That the World’s Tuna Industry Remains Sustainable and Accountable

When choosing tuna for one’s dinner plate, finding something sustainable can be a daunting, often impossible task. It is no secret that the global fishing industry is plundering the oceans at an alarming and devastating rate, with incidences of bottom trawling, appalling wastage, and overexploitation all featuring prominently in the industry’s practices.

 Vote with your pocketbook and only purchase tuna bearing these two logos on the can.

Generally speaking, world tuna stocks for canned tuna are relatively good shape, but some are in decline, and others are being fished at rates that could lead to depletion if the pressure increases. (The Bluefin tuna, which is… more

by: Laura Bridgeman

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Public Outcry Compels to Pull Whale Products from Site – February 23, 2012

Retail Giant’s Japanese Subsidiary Was Selling 147 Food Products Made from Cetaceans, Including Endangered Whales

Retail giant was exposed on Tuesday (February 21) as selling endangered whale and dolphin meat among their expansive list of online offerings on its Japanese website. However, following international outcry Amazon reportedly pulled these products from their website by Wednesday, with searches for all things cetaceans now coming up empty.

Photo courtesy Environmental Investigation Agency“Minke whales to be eaten raw”, one of the cetacean food products on sale on Amazon Japan until last
Tuesday (February 21).

According to “’s Unpalatable Profits” — a report released by the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) and the Humane Society International, a startling 147 different products derived from whales,… more

by: Laura Bridgeman

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PETA Lawsuit Might Force Us to Rethink our Relationship with Animals – November 15, 2011

“Orca Slavery” Case Against SeaWorld Questions Our Authority to Treat Other Living Beings As Property

It’s tough to be an animal rights advocate these days, or even someone with an ounce of compassion and an awareness of the atrocities that our species visits upon all others. An overwhelming number of people remain oblivious to the suffering that animals endure at our hands. But maybe there’s hope yet of a brighter future for the non-humans with whom we share this planet.

Factory farm animals are among the most poorly treated in the US.

One particularly strong glimmer of this hope comes from People for Ethical Treatment of Animals’ (PETA) recent lawsuit against SeaWorld, which attempts to apply the 13th Amendment of the… more

by: Laura Bridgeman

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