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Who Are the Commons? Rethinking Capitalism by Considering the Interests of Whales – October 25, 2017

Rather than having conservationists advocating for whales, we ought to be giving the whales themselves a seat at the table

The International Whaling Commission meets every two years to decide the future of the whales. That is, it decides which nation will kill how many, and for what reasons (commercial, subsistence, “research”). The meeting engages stakeholders from around the world are engaged, from whaling and non-whaling nations alike.

a young male humpback whalePhoto by Sylke Rohrlach Within capitalist models, individuals of other species are not only neglected — their very existence is denied.

Notably absent in these discussions on the future of whales, are the whales themselves. But this is not just because they would have a hard… more

by: Laura Bridgeman

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SeaWorld’s Advertisements Are Full Of Lies (Video) – October 6, 2017

In effort to reinvent its image, theme park resorts to fudging facts again

The International Marine Mammal Project released a new video last week that debunks many of the lies SeaWorld tells the public and its shareholders, lies that are increasingly getting the theme park and entertainment company into hot water.

At its core, SeaWorld is a company that exploits dolphins and whales. It makes money by keeping cetaceans in barren concrete tanks, where every aspect of their lives can be controlled and manipulated. Cetaceans are forced to perform and are denied the opportunity for retirement, since the company wants to continue profiting off of their performances until the day they sicken and die. Contrary to… more

by: Laura Bridgeman

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France Bans All Dolphin and Whale Captivity While SeaWorld Invests in It – May 12, 2017

US-based company still refuses to divest from industry proven harmful to cetaceans

On May 7, the French government passed new legislation aimed at phasing out all dolphin and whale captivity, a move that reflects growing public awareness and concern over the poor living conditions cetaceans are forced to endure in captivity.  

photo of dolphins at Marineland Antibes Photo by John Clift Captive dolphins at Marineland Antibes in France. Last week, France pased legislation to phase out all dolphin and whale captivity.

The new law prohibits keeping any cetacean captive, with the ultimate goal being to entirely shut down the archaic industry throughout France. For those unfortunate individuals who are already held… more

by: Laura Bridgeman

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Bill to End Dolphin and Whale Captivity Reintroduced In Canada – December 30, 2015

If passed, legislation would prohibit acquisition and captive breeding of cetaceans

A federal bill to end dolphin and whale captivity throughout Canada was reintroduced by Nova Scotia Senator Wilfred Moore in early December. The bill first made its appearance this past summer, at a time when the conservative Harper government held sway over Parliament. However, with the changing political climate in Canada — namely, the new Trudeau administration — things may be looking up for the whales and dolphins.

Dolphin at Vancouver AquariumPhoto by abdallahh/FlickrA dolphin at Vancouver Aquarium. The Ending of Captivity of Whales and Dolphins Act aims to put an end to the display of cetaceans in aquariums throughout Canada.

The Ending of… more

by: Laura Bridgeman

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Not Our Oceans, Not Our Whales: What We Must All Do To Stop Whaling – December 9, 2015

It’s time to move beyond our culture’s anthropocentric view of the living world

As Japan sets off on a mission to kill whales in the Antarctic Ocean, outraged people the world over have come together to denounce the country’s actions. Before placing all the blame on the country, however, we ought to look at how even anti-whaling nations remain complicit in the slaughters.

a minke whale underwaterPhoto by Len2040/FlickrWhat we need to do now is push our legal and ethical frameworks governing how we treat our fellow beings beyond their current limits.

Earlier this year, the International Court of Justice ordered Japan to halt its JARPA II research program after rejecting the country's claims that it was… more

by: Laura Bridgeman

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