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Honduras: Anti-Coup Resistance Fears “Trap” for Zelaya – November 4, 2009

“A Dangerous Situation”

photo of soldiers standing above a wall covered with protest graffiti, including words: Micheletti FascitaJeremy Kryt photoHonduran police and soldiers stand guard in front of the National Congress
building in the capital. Peaceful protestors have staged a permanent vigil
since Monday morning, demanding the restitution of President Mel Zelaya.

The controversial, U.S.-brokered peace accord that went into effect last week – intended to restore deposed President Mel Zelaya and pave the way for internationally-recognized elections later this month – might have already fallen apart. The Tegucigalpa accord states that Congress must vote to decide on Zelaya’s return. But a group of… more

by: Jeremy Kryt

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Honduras: Civil Rights Still Suspended as Talks Stall (Again) – October 14, 2009

Peaceful Resistance Still Going Strong after “Dystopian” Crackdown

photo of riot police on both sides of a metal fence The defensive barricade in front of the Brazilian Embassy. Hundreds of
soldiers and police have set up fortifications like these in the streets, to
prevent anyone from approaching the compound, including journalists
and human rights workers.

Tegucigalpa, Honduras – Martial law continues to exact an increasingly heavy toll on both human rights and the economy in this already impoverished nation. The de facto regime is still hedging on its promise to restore civil liberties, and in recent days has actually gone the other way, passing legislation that allows the permanent… more

by: Jeremy Kryt

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Honduras Dispatch: Interview with Zelaya – October 3, 2009

Terms Being Offered “Aren’t Sincere”

photo of groups of demonstrators in a conversation Leaders of the nonviolent anti-coup movement confer during a stand-off
between police and demonstrators.

Tegucigalpa, Honduras – “It’s like being trapped in some kind of Neo-Nazi concentration camp,” said ousted Honduran President Mel Zelaya, during a cell phone interview on Friday afternoon. Mr. Zelaya was referring to conditions inside the Brazilian Embassy, where he’s been holed up for almost two weeks, after sneaking back into the country on foot. The president, known for his trademark cowboy hat and flamboyant mustache, said that the hundreds of soldiers surrounding the Embassy are very strict about how much… more

by: Jeremy Kryt

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Honduras: Three Months after the Coup – September 28, 2009

De Facto Regime Continues Reign of Terror

photo of heavily armed people in full battle-dress in front of a metal-shuttered building Masked police officers attempt to disperse a peaceful protest march
last week in the capital. ‘We no longer have a right to things like
Freedom of Assembly,’ said COFADEH Director Bertha Oliva.

City under Siege

Tegucigalpa, Honduras – The Brazilian Embassy here is a surprisingly small, low-slung, stucco building, with sturdy, green-painted steel gates. The light-green and yellow Brazilian flag still flies above the electrified defense wires. Since last Monday, Honduran soldiers and police guard both ends of the street. All the houses and other buildings on… more

by: Jeremy Kryt

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Dispatch from Honduras – September 15, 2009

De Facto Regime Terrorizes Father of Slain Youth

Tegucigalpa, Honduras – It’s been a rough summer for the Murillo family. On July 5th – one week after the military coup that ousted democratically-elected president Mel Zelaya – nineteen- year-old Isis Obed Murillo was killed when soldiers opened fire on a peaceful protest march at Toncontin airport. Obed’s father, Jose David Murillo, a well-known anti-deforestation crusader with the Environmental Movement of Olancho (MAO), and head pastor of the New Life Church, had long taught his family the virtues of peaceful resistance to authoritarian power. Pastor Murillo, his son Isis, and three other siblings had come to the airport that morning to welcome home the deposed president, and to show their… more

by: Jeremy Kryt

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