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Hunters Have Killed More than 180 Wolves in the Northern Rockies – November 14, 2011

Without Federal Protection, Bloodbath is Underway

A bloodbath is underway in the northern Rocky Mountains as hunters there relentlessly target wolf packs in the region.

Wolf hunts are grinding away in the northern Rockies, fueled by government bureaucracies and state politicians that employ bizarre
language ranging from technocratic euphemisms to bad-boy naughtiness and vicious joy at the killings. This is a small selection of
hunted wolf images from the region floating around on the Internet

In April, Congress removed gray wolves in the northern Rockies from Endangered Species Act (ESA) protection. Since then, Idaho and Montana have sold nearly 37,000 wolf tags for fall hunts. As of November 11,… more

by: James William Gibson

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As Drought Continues, Some Texans Resort to Feeding the Wildlife – September 20, 2011

Biblical Dry Spell Forcing Some to Reconsider Our Prodigal Way of Life

When my cousin Rob Abbott and his wife Liz retired in 2007 and moved from Houston 50 miles northwest to Austin County, they thought they’d found paradise on their new 35-acre homestead. There was a clear flowing stream full of fish, “solid red wildflowers” everywhere, wild blueberries, and all kinds of trees — black walnut, pecan, several oak species. “It was green and healthy, a wet, lush environment,” Rob says.

Photo by Robert KuykendallA hungry deer at a Texas ranch. For ranchers and farmers who are seeing their crops wither and
their herds thin, the drought is a real existential threat.

But 16 months… more

by: James William Gibson

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Dead Wolves Walking – July 21, 2011

Wolf Hunts Scheduled in Idaho & Montana Unless Federal Judge Intervenes

Since April, when Congress removed gray wolves in Idaho and Montana from the protection of the Endangered Species Act by inserting a rider in a federal budget bill, state governments have been racing to prepare for wolf hunts this fall. (Read Gibson's compelling report, "Cry Wolf", on the issue in the Journal's Summer 2011 edition.)

Photo by dalliedee

So far, Idaho’s winning the race. In early July, the state’s fish and game director Virgil Moore announced a full seven-month hunting season — from the end of August to the end of March. Hunters can use any weapon they choose, utilize electronic… more

by: James William Gibson

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