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Small Wild Cats Face Big Threats, but Receive Little Conservation Funds – May 15, 2014

Relative obscurity of small cats means they are overlooked by most wildlife conservation groups

Dipping through the underbrush, in the jungles of Borneo or Bangladesh, a fierce predator slinks. Orbed, glowing eyes glance out from an angular, feline face, as it soft-steps through the shadows. All creatures small — whether mammal, bird, or insect —flee at this predator’s approach. Indeed, it is only these smaller animals that have cause for fear: Our predator is about the size of a house cat.

ocelotPhoto Wikimeida CommonsHundreds of thousands of ocelots were once killed for their fur. The 22 known small cat species around the world received a tiny fraction of wildcat conservation dollars.

Yet unlike a house cat, an… more

by: Jacob Shea

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Ghost Fishing Nets: Invisible Killers in the Oceans – January 7, 2014

Abandoned fishing nets and pots, trap, maim, and kill hundreds of marine animals daily

Unseen below the surface, fishing gear reaps the oceans bounty the world over. Viewed from below, nets appear as veil walls lightly dancing the currents with a serene and silent intent. Ever since nets began to be cast out at sea eons ago, more and more fishing gear has been entering our oceans daily. And much of this gear remains in the water — lost, torn away, or simply abandoned.

abandoned fishing net on coral reefPhoto by Tim Sheerman-Chase/Wikimedia CommonsSome abandoned nets and lines wrap themselves on reefs, shipwrecks, or rocks, ensnaring marine animals, maiming, drowning or simply starving hundreds of thousands of them.

Abandoned… more

by: Jacob Shea

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New Greenhouse Gas Discovered – December 20, 2013

Perfluorotributylamine is 7,100 times worse than CO2

With a name like perfluorotributylamine, the latest greenhouse gas to be discovered is a tongue twister. But you should learn how to say it, as this synthetic chemical could mean dangerous business for the climate.

Perfluorotributylamine (or PFTBA) is an artificial compound commonly used since the 1950’s in electrical equipment and heat transfer agents. According to a recent study in the scientific journal Geophysical Research Letters, PFTBA has a significantly higher capacity to capture solar radiation than carbon dioxide. How significant? PFTBA is about 7,100 times more effective than CO2 at heating the globe over a 100-year span.

Polar Mesospheric Clouds Over the South Pacific Ocean (NASA,… <a href=more

by: Jacob Shea

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California Coastal Commission Urged to Ban Fracking State Waters – December 3, 2013

Oil drillers using hazardous chemicals, pumping wastewater into coastal waters, shows new analysis

We now know that hydraulic fracturing has already been underway in state and federal waters off California’s coast for more than two decades. Recent media reports have revealed that federal regulators have permitted fracking in the Pacific Ocean at least 12 times since the late 1990s, and have granted four fracking permits off the marine-life rich Santa Barbara coast without environmental review.


by: Jacob Shea

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Aboard a Squid Fishing Boat: Learning Tough Lessons About Our Food Sources – October 25, 2013

A view from the bottom of the commodity chain reveals the comedy, and tragedy, of human exploits in nature

As I stumble from my bunk, I come eye to toe with a smelly, sock-coated foot. Shaking sleepily, I stagger out to conjure up grimy, cheap coffee, which I drink with tasteless cereal and a waxy apple. As the boat engine rumbles to life, I leap out on deck to coil anchoring lines. The fog is dense, and our brief commute to open water teems with life. The marina seals resemble neighborhood dogs, barking and flopping lazily atop rust crusted buoys. Sea otters can be spotted floating on their backs, rubbing their bellies. This serenity is shattered by a shout from the captain, and we jump into our uniforms, though to… more

by: Jacob Shea

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