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Campaigners Launch Legal Fight to Stop Japan’s Whale Hunt – November 17, 2015

As Japan appears ready to resume hunting in the Antarctic, environmental group to take whaling company to court in Australia

Environmental campaigners are launching a last-ditch legal attempt to prevent Japan from slaughtering whales in the Antarctic this winter, after Tokyo indicated it would ignore a ban on its “scientific” expeditions.

Photo of Japan Factory Ship Nisshin Maru Whaling Mother and CalfPhoto by Australian Customs and Border Protection Service A whale and calf being loaded onto the Nishin Maru, a Japanese whaling ship .

The Australian branch of Humane Society International (HSI) will on Wednesday ask the federal court in Sydney to find Kyodo Senpaku, the Japanese company that organizes the hunts, in contempt of a 2008 ruling that banned… more

by: The Guardian

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India’s Emissions Could Push World into Dangerous Warming Zone, Scientists Warn – November 11, 2015

Experts say that if nation grows at expected rate without emission controls, Earth will breach critical two degree rise

India’s growth in emissions could tip the world over the threshold to dangerous climate change, experts have said.

The alert comes as the Indian prime minister, Narendra Modi, prepares to visit the UK on Thursday for talks on issues including the environment.

Photo of Port in IndiaPhoto by Geo ThermalA port in Chennai, India. Experts warn that without emissions controls, economic growth in India could push world past two degree warming threshold.

India is due to ask the UK and other rich nations to share breakthroughs in renewable energy and other “clean” technology, and for help financing a huge expansion in efficiency and solar… more

by: The Guardian

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It’s Time to Phase Out Potent Greenhouse Gases in Our Air Conditioning Units – November 2, 2015

Chemicals in cooling and refrigeration systems can have a far greater climate impact than carbon dioxide

Our planet’s fragile ozone layer is on a path toward full restoration by about 2050. But there’s a hitch: the success has hinged largely on replacing ozone-depleting substances with hydrofluorocarbon (HFCs) – chemicals we now know are highly damaging to the environment. It is time to reduce these pollutants.

Photo of Air Conditioning Units NYCPhoto by Pierre HFCs are greenhouse gases that can be hundreds or thousands of times more potent than carbon dioxide in damaging our climate system.

Air conditioning, refrigeration, and insulation often contain factory-made HFCs. They are greenhouse gases that can be hundreds or thousands of times more potent… more

by: The Guardian

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What If Exxon Had Told the Truth About Climate Change? – October 30, 2015

If the oil giant had vouched for climate change science 25 years ago, there is no way we would have wasted decades in fruitless argument

Like all proper scandals, the #Exxonknew revelations have begun to spin off new dramas and lines of inquiry. Presidential candidates have begun to call for Department of Justice investigations, and company spokesmen have begun to dig themselves deeper into the inevitable holes as they try to excuse the inexcusable.

Photo of Climate ProtestPhoto by Takver Exxon made a conscious decision to adopt what a company public affairs officer called “the Exxon position.”

(Worst idea: attack Pulitzer prize-winning reporters as “anti-oil and gas activists.”)

As the more

by: The Guardian

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Trudeau Victory May Not Signal a U-Turn in Canada’s Climate Policy – October 23, 2015

Those hoping the new prime minister will be a climate champion willing to fix the damage done by his predecessor Stephen Harper could be in for a reality check

Well before his stunning victory in Canada’s elections, Justin Trudeau, the Liberal party leader, telephoned David Suzuki, the country’s best-known science broadcaster, environmentalist — and a national treasure — to ask for his endorsement.

The conversation did not go well. Suzuki admitted to journalists he called Trudeau a twerp, and the Liberal leader dismissed his critique of the party’s climate policy as “sanctimonious crap”.

Those hoping for a U-turn in Canada’s climate change policy after Stephen Harper’s crushing defeat are in for a reality check.

Fort McMurray, Alberta - Operation Arctic Shadowphoto by kris krüg, on FlickrIt… more

by: The Guardian

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