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Why Roger Pielke, Jr.  is the Wrong Choice for FiveThirtyEight – March 21, 2014

New news venture's science writer ignores data on climate science

Editor’s Note: In addition to writing for 538, Roger Pielke, Jr. is also a one-time contributor to Earth Island Journal and has an article in our current print edition. We found Dr. Pielke a pleasure to work with and were pleased to have him in our magazine.

Roger Pielke, Jr. Photo by Tine Harden/Play the GameRoger Pielke, Jr.

There are consequences for being wrong — consistently. We are a forgiving society but even Americans can sense when someone passes from being well intended to habitually in the wrong.

That’s sadly where we are with climate contrarian Dr. Roger Pielke Jr.,… more

by: Daniel Kessler

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The “Bridge Fuel” of Natural Gas Appears Broken – December 4, 2013

Harvard study blows apart obama and brown’s arguments for in favor of gas

Democrats like to label the GOP the “anti-science party” –  but, well, you know what they say about people who live in glass houses. In his last two State of the Union addresses, President Obama gave natural gas his full throated endorsement, and his party has followed suit. Now, a new study from researchers at Harvard has found that methane concentrations in the atmosphere are higher than thought. Obama’s embrace of natural gas, it now appears, is actually an anti-science position that the president must reverse if he is serious about tackling the climate crisis. The president’s “all of the above” energy strategy has been revealed for what it is:… more

by: Daniel Kessler

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The Kids are Alright – October 23, 2013

A Reflection from Powershift 2013

I was never a youth climate activist. In college I skied the many hills around my campus in Wyoming, never giving a second thought to much besides which ski run had recently been groomed. Those same woods are now hollowed out by the bark beetle, whose voracious hunger has grown right in step with a longer summer and warmer winter, fueled by climate change.

photo of people gathered, a stage and a speakerphoto by Mentatmark, on FlickrPowershift

And so I looked upon the thousands of climate activists who came from around the country to Powershift 2013 in Pittsburgh this past weekend with amazement.… more

by: Daniel Kessler

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