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Carbon Tax and Dividend Scheme Offers a New Way Forward on Climate Policy – March 12, 2013

Boxer-Sanders legislation is a smart policy, but odds of passage are long

When the American Clean Energy and Security Act (AKA the Waxman-Markey comprehensive climate bill) died in the Senate in 2010, some people blamed the failure on the inherent weaknesses of the legislation: The cap and trade system was too complicated and had too many giveaways for big polluters, critics said. At that time, two Senators — Democrat Maria Cantwell of Oregon and Republican Susan Collins of Maine — floated a different policy proposal that they said would be far simpler. Known as “cap and dividend,” their plan would have put a tight lid on greenhouse gas emissions and then directed the revenues from the program to citizens via a rebate… more

by: Daniel Adel

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Want to Stall Climate Change and be Happier? Just Work Less – February 20, 2013

Shorter works hours could lead to significant cuts in carbon emissions, says new study

Saving our environment need not mean sacrifice. Rather, it could mean substantial improvements in our quality of life. A new study says that significant reductions in carbon emissions are possible if we all worked a little less.

smelling flowers Photo by Johanna LoockSlowing down to smell the flowers will not only make us happier, it could also help fight
global warming, says report by economist David Rosnick.

The study by the Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR), titled “Reduced Work Hours as a Means of Slowing Climate Change,” finds that 8 to 22 percent of every degree of warming through 2100… more

by: Daniel Adel

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In San Francisco, Thousands Rally to Urge Action on Climate Change – February 19, 2013

Simultaneous actions across the US on Feb 17 called on President Obama to Reject Keystone XL

Hoisting signs that read “Climate Justice” and “Their Keystone; the Earth’s Gravestone,” thousands of people rallied in Downtown San Francisco on Sunday to urge President Obama to take action on climate change and reject construction of the Keystone XL oil pipeline.

SF rally Photos by Daniel AdelThe Forward on Climate rally in San Francisco drew about 5,000 people.

Called “Forward On Climate,” the demonstration was held simultaneously in other cities across the United States, including Chicago, Seattle and Los Angeles. The main event in Washington, D.C., drew tens of thousands of supporters in what was billed as the largest climate rally in US history.


by: Daniel Adel

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Mainstream Media’s Environmental Coverage: The Sound of Silence – February 11, 2013

Kardashians receive nearly 50 times more coverage than ocean acidification

The non-profit organization Project for Improved Environmental Coverage (PIEC) recently released a report that compared and ranked news organizations according to how they had prioritized environmental headlines. The news is grim: there’s a virtual black hole when it comes to green news, as major media organizations favor crime and entertainment stories above environmental ones.

Titled “Environmental Coverage in the Mainstream News,” the report used data provided by the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism to review a range of national and local news organizations across platforms from January 2011 to May 2012.

Among 30 national news organizations in the United States, environmental coverage represented just 1.2 percent… more

by: Daniel Adel

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