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Illegal Loggers Are Decimating Romania’s Virgin Forests, Say Green Groups – July 11, 2018

Even protected areas aren't safe as some of Europe's largest primeval woodlands come under threat

Even after decades of rampant deforestation, Romania is still home to more than half of Europe's primeval woodlands, some 6.5 million hectares of old-growth temperate climate forests. As a result, some of the Old Continent's largest populations of brown bears, wolves, lynxes, and wildcats live in the country. Still, the Eastern European country is losing 62,000 hectares of this forest annually, or roughly 3 hectares per hour, much of it due illegal logging. Either as raw logs or as processed timber, nearly all of this wood somehow finds its way out of the country, to places like Northern Africa and Western Europe.

 photo of Seminic National Parkmore

by: Adrian Chirila

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