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SeaWorld Spy Attended 2014 Orca Conference – July 19, 2015

Covert work went far beyond PETA

The covert work of a SeaWorld employee accused of infiltrating the animal rights group PETA extended far beyond his involvement with any single organization. Former SeaWorld orca trainers have confirmed that Thomas Jones, whose real identity and name, Paul McComb, were revealed by PETA last week, attended last year’s Superpod event, an annual gathering of orca enthusiasts, researchers, and activists in Washington State.

Killer whale show at SeaWorld, San DiegoPhoto by Jesse MeansIn addition to gaining access to activist circles, Thomas Jones aka Paul McComb used social media to encourage protesters to engage in violence or sabotage.

On Friday PETA identified three… more

by: Adam Federman

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Lawyer for Environmental Group ‘Interrogated Repeatedly’ at US Border – July 6, 2015

Environmental activists for Deep Green Resistance in seven states say they have been questioned and harassed by US federal agents at work and at home

This story was produced in partnership with the Guardian.

Deanna Meyer lives on a sprawling 280-acre goat farm south of Boulder, Colorado. She’s been an activist most of her adult life and has recently been involved in a campaign to relocate a prairie dog colony threatened by the development of a shopping mall in Castle Rock.

Photo of Larry HildesLarry Hildes at a protest in 2007.

In October of last year, an agent with the Department of Homeland Security showed up at her mother’s house and later called her, saying he was trying to “head off any injuries or killing of people that could happen… more

by: Adam Federman

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Keystone Protesters Tracked at Border After FBI Spied on ‘Extremists’ – June 8, 2015

More than 18 months after federal investigation violated internal rules, activists say they were still watchlisted at the airport, visited at home by a terrorism task force and detained for hours because they ‘seemed like protesters’

This story was produced in partnership with the Guardian.

An activist was placed on a US government watchlist for domestic flights after being swept up in an FBI investigation into protests of the Keystone XL pipeline, linking a breach of intelligence protocol with accounts of continued tracking that environmentalists fear could follow them for life.

Photo of Bradley StrootPhoto courtesy of Bradley Stroot Bradley Stroot found himself on a watchlist after a failed FBI investigation into him and other activists. He says he was questioned about ‘bomb-making materials’ while it was ongoing.

Twenty-five-year-old Bradley Stroot is one of several campaigners to… more

by: Adam Federman

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Kinder Morgan Paid Pennsylvania Police Department to ‘Deter Protests’ – May 21, 2015

ACLU calls arrangement “flat out unconstitutional”

Between June and October 2013, Kinder Morgan, the largest energy infrastructure company in North America, paid a local Pennsylvania police department more than $50,000 to patrol a controversial pipeline upgrade. The company requested that the officers, though officially off-duty, be in uniform and marked cars. Kinder Morgan’s aim, according to documents obtained by Earth Island Journal, was to use law enforcement to “deter protests” in order to avoid “costly delays.” 

photo of Tennessee Gas PipelinePhoto by Delaware Riverkeeper Kinder Morgan sought off-duty police officers to “deter protests" and avoid delay of the Tennessee Gas Pipeline upgrade.

It’s unclear if the police department… more

by: Adam Federman

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Can Canada Lead on Climate Change? – April 9, 2015

In major climate march this weekend, activists aim to put pressure on national government

This weekend, before Canadian premiers gather in Quebec City on April 14 to discuss climate change, activists from across the country are taking to the streets to deliver a simple message: Canada needs to do its part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and until now, it has failed miserably to do so. As one activist wrote on the Act on Climate March website, “Remember when Canada used to be an environmental leader?” Those days seem to be a distant memory.

tar sandsPhoto by Chris Yakimov, on Flickr The People's Climate March in Vancouver in September 2014. Activists hope the Act on… more

by: Adam Federman

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