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European Parliament Takes a Stand on Indigenous Rights in Latin America – December 4, 2017

New group could help put pressure on Brazilian government to protect rights of Indigenous Peoples

Tribal chief Marcos Verón grew up in flourishing rainforest in Brazil’s Mato Grosso do Sul region. His would be one of the last generations of Indigenous Guarani-Kaiowá peoples to practice their cultural, spiritual, and subsistence lifeways in the resource- and species- rich Amazonian forest that had shaped them. Their thousands-of-years-old culture abruptly collapsed in 1953, wiped out by a rich Brazilian who bulldozed their homelands and cast their people out to make way for a vast cattle ranch.

photo of Guarani-Kaiowá protestPhoto courtesy of CIMI (Indigenous Missionary Council) The Guarani-Kaiowá gather in protest of an attack in Caarapó, Brazil in 2016.

The Guarani-Kaiowá now… more

by: Terri Hansen

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Marching for Indigenous Science – April 21, 2017

“Let us remember that long before Western science came to these shores, there were Indigenous scientists here”

This Earth Day, four leading Native American scientists and scholars, Robin Kimmerer (Potawatomi), Rosalyn LaPier (Blackfeet/Métis), Melissa Nelson (Anishinaabe), and Kyle Whyte, (Potawatomi) will participate in the March for Science, in the main event in Washington DC, and at satellite marches in cities across the country tomorrow.

Santa Rita MountainsPhoto courtesy of USDALeech Lake Band of Ojibwe youth tends to a rice crop on the Leech Lake Reservation in Minnesota.There is a growing recognition — both among the mainstream scientific community as well as among the wider public — of the validity and value of Indigenous science.

And although they’ll be marching in… more

by: Terri Hansen

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The Student-Built Website That Is Keeping Government Climate Data Safe – February 23, 2017

One Michigan graduate student figured the more copies of the pre-Trump EPA website, the better

It wasn’t long after President Trump took office that chaos took hold at the US Environmental Protection Agency. Throughout his campaign, Trump had promised to get rid of the agency, leaving just “little tidbits left.” He wasted little time.

photo of EPA dataPhoto by USEPAMany scientists are concerned that important climate data may be removed from government websites during the Trump adminstration. These scientists, along with other concerned citizens, have organized to preserve the data elsewhere.

Out of the gate, Trump’s transition team was set to remove former President Barack Obama’s Climate Action Plan and other climate data, reported InsideEPA… more

by: Terri Hansen

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For Bison and Tribes Alike, a Homecoming – September 8, 2015

Native American nations are key to sustaining bison populations on the Great Plains

For almost 20 years, a heated battle has been taking place in the Northern Rocky Mountains as ranchers there fight against any attempts to allow bison to roam freely across the region’s plains and valleys. As federal and state wildlife agencies struggle to balance the cattle industry’s interests and the needs of the bison, the buffalo have found an important ally: Native American tribes, who view the bison’s success as key to their own cultural survival.

Santa Rita MountainsPhoto by Gouldy/Flickr Millions of bison once thundered across the Great Plains. Then market hunting, sport hunting, and targeting by the US Army nearly caused the… more

by: Terri Hansen

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