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Pesticide and GMO Companies Spend Big in Hawai’i – June 11, 2014

Big Biotech is lobbying state lawmakers in an effort to curb citizens' movement against their activities on the islands

Hawai‘i has become "ground zero" in the controversy over genetically modified (GMO) crops and pesticides. With the seed crop industry (including conventional as well as GMO crops) reaping $146.3 million a year in sales resulting from its activities in Hawai‘i, the out-of-state pesticide and GMO firms SyngentaMonsantoDuPont PioneerDow Chemical, BASF, and Bayer CropScience have brought substantial sums of corporate cash into the state's relatively small political arena.

photoname Photollustration courtesy of the Center for Media and Democracy

Chemical Conglomerates Retaliate Against Local Democratic Control

These "Big 6" pesticide and GMO firms are active on the islands in a big way, making use of the three… more

by: Rebekah Wilce

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Oregon’s GMO Sellout – May 22, 2014

The backstory of the ALEC-modeled state law that overrides the ability of localities to regulate their own food systems

When the headline said that Oregon’s Democratic governor, John Kitzhaber, had signed into law a corporate-backed bill overriding local counties’ ability to regulate their own food systems, Lisa Arkin was shocked.

graphic artwork depicting a scarecrowIllustration by Paul Corio

“I can viscerally remember the day I looked at the headline,” she says. “It was such a deep feeling of disgust and disbelief. I couldn’t believe that any amount of money from outside corporations could convince our elected leaders in Oregon to abandon the democratic process in that way.”

Arkin is the executive director of a small nonprofit organization called Beyond Toxics that works… more

by: Rebekah Wilce

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