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Australian Program Shows a Way to Slash How Much We Drive – December 10, 2012

TravelSmart is proven and potent — and should be tried here in the United States

American transportation policy is fundamentally flawed: we spend too much on roads and highways and invest too little in mass transit and bikeable and walkable communities that could help to break our addiction to oil.

bus stop, Australia Photo by Flickr user JamesA bus stop in Sydney, Australia. TravelSmart was pioneered in Australia, a country with similar per-
capita car ownership to the United States and even more wide-open spaces.

In the United States we spend 80 percent of our transportation dollars on highways that, research indicates, induces new driving and more fuel consumption. One 2004 study concludes that the US… more

by: Randy Salzman

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As You Sit in Thanksgiving Gridlock, Remember that More Roads is No Solution – November 23, 2011

New Roads Just Means More Congestion

It’s Thanksgiving weekend, and across American people are on the move. According to AAA, 42.5 million people in the United States will travel more than 50 miles from home to spend time with family this weekend. Ninety percent of those — or more than 38 million people — will go by car. And you know what that means: Traffic.

Photo by Oran ViriyincyOur much-celebrated network of roads and highways has failed to make Americans happy, healthy, or,
economically secure.

As you putter along in the traffic jams — either trying to get out of your city or into someone else’s — you might, like many people,… more

by: Randy Salzman

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