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Cleanup of Former Nuke Lab Site Near LA Runs into Hurdles – February 10, 2014

Proprietor Boeing Co and wealthy homeowners oppose removing radioactive waste to background levels

Ever hear of the Santa Susana Field Laboratory? In the 1940s, the federal government chose a hilly site near, but not too near, the city of Los Angeles for testing dangerous rockets and nuclear reactors. The site is just south of Simi Valley, low-density cattle-grazing land in the 1940s, and north of Bell Canyon, likewise cattle-grazing land. In July 1959, something happened with an experimental nuclear reactor known as the Sodium Reactor Experiment. The reactor destabilized but was kept running for two weeks while fuel within 13 of the reactor’s 43 fuel rods melted and unleashed unknown quantities of radioactive materials into the land and atmosphere. As an experimental design,… more

by: RL Miller

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A California Fracking Moratorium Post-Mortem – September 16, 2013

How Big Oil and Big Democrats outplayed Big Green and crushed the grassroots

“A fracking bill gone bad.” Those are words from The Los Angeles Times, which at first endorsed SB4 — Senator Fran Pavley’s measure to regulate hydraulic fracturing in California —  and now calls on Governor Jerry Brown veto it.

So how did things get so bad? How did we go from a bill that much of the environmental community supported to a bill that most green groups are now fighting? I’m a climate blogger, grassroots activist, and was elected as chair of the California Democratic Party’s environmental caucus on my leadership against fracking the Golden State. Here’s my take.

fossil fuel protestPhoto by Ian… more

by: RL Miller

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