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Questioning Our Views on Nonhuman Animals – May 25, 2018

In Review: Inside Animal Hearts and Minds

In Inside Animal Hearts and Minds: Bears that Count, Goats That Surf, and Other True Stories of Animal Intelligence and Emotion, Belinda Recio serves up an engaging coffee table book demonstrating that animals share a broad range of attributes with humans. A visually attractive light read, the book enjoys a foreword by Jonathan Balcombe (biologist); and it has been reviewed by Irene Pepperberg (cognitive psychologist), Con Slobodchikoff (conservation biologist), Jennifer Vonk (cognitive psychologist), and James Wood (veterinarian) — all of whom having specific credentials as ethologists.

goatPhoto by Sylvain FriquetBelinda Recio serves up an engaging coffee table book on animal intelligence and emotions,… more

by: Piyush Mathur

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