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Moms Lead the Charge Against Dirty Gold Mining – May 9, 2014

Buying jewelry for our moms may be hurting mothers and children who live in places where the gold is mined

It’s almost Mother’s Day! Whatever your feelings about manufactured holidays, it’s always a good idea to give thanks to mom. So call her, take her out to lunch, send her (fair trade) flowers, or have your kids make her a handmade card.

mom with her kids Photo courtesy EarthworksYolanda Oquelí with her children. She has been leading the local resistance to a Canadian-run
open-pit gold mine in the Tambor mountains of southern Guatemala.

But think twice before buying her a shiny piece of gold bling. Mother’s Day is the second largest gold-jewelry buying day of the year in the United States. But many of… more

by: Payal Sampat

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To Restore Olympic Shine, Start with the Medals – March 4, 2014

Host cities have always sourced most of their Olympic gold, silver, and bronze from polluting mines

olympic atheletes biting their gold medals Photo courtesy US ArmyOlympic medals have never fully embodied the principle of respect for the environment that
is enshrined in the Olympic Charter.

The Sochi Games couldn’t have gone much better for Vladimir Putin. He has successfully used the prestige of the Olympics to bolster his reputation in Russia—all while blanketing concerns like gay rights, free speech and corruption under a layer of wet Sochi snow. (Though his intervention in Ukraine may dwarf all). For the reputation of the Olympics, however, the Sochi Games leave a mixed legacy. The world is now wondering whether the Olympics,… more

by: Payal Sampat

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Over 180M Tons of Toxic Waste Dumped Into World’s Oceans, Rivers, and Lakes Each Year – February 28, 2012

Amendments and Exemptions to Big Mining Cos. are Eroding Regulations on Dumping

The 313 million people who live in the United States send about 120 million tons of trash to landfills every year. That’s a lot of trash  — just think of all the photos you’ve seen of landfills overflowing with mountains of discarded refuse.

Photo by Flicker user DraconianRain Mining enough gold for just a single wedding band generates, on average, 20 tons of contami-
nated mine waste.

But that number pales in comparison with the amount of waste that mining corporations dump into oceans, rivers, and lakes around the world each year, which tops 180 million tons. Over 85 percent of this waste comes from just… more

by: Payal Sampat

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