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The Contamination of Natural Kaua`i – June 17, 2014

The Garden Island’s rare plants and wildlife are being put at risk by the toxic chemicals used on GMO test fields

Given its fragile and unusually rich ecology, the Hawaiian island of Kaua`i seems ill-suited as a site for agricultural experiments that use heavy amounts of toxic chemicals. But four transnational corporations — Syngenta, BASF Plant Science, DuPont Pioneer and Dow AgroSciences — have been doing just those kinds of experiments here for about two decades, extensively spraying pesticides on their GMO test fields. As a result, the landscape on the southwest corner of the island has become one of the most toxic chemical environments in all of American agriculture.

 Hawaiian honeycreeper Wikimedia Commons The US Fish and Wildlife Service added 48 species… more

by: Paul Koberstein

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The Kaua`i Cocktail – June 16, 2014

Highly toxic pesticides are being applied to GMO fields on Kaua`i at a heavier rate than on most US farms, an analysis of new data reveals

The Hawaiian island of Kaua‘i has become Ground Zero in the intense domestic political battle over genetically modified crops. But the fight isn't just about the merits or downsides of GMO technology. It's also about regular old pesticides. The four transnational corporations that are experimenting with genetically engineered crops on Kaua‘i have transformed part of the island into one of the most toxic chemical environments in all of American agriculture.

red dust cloud over GMO field in KauaiPhoto by Samuel Morgan ShawSeven of the highly toxic chemicals used on the biotech companies' fields have been linked to a variety of serious health problems ranging… more

by: Paul Koberstein

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