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Does the War Between Ranchers and Native Predators Need to Go On? – July 5, 2013

Wild Things makes a case against a federal agency that kills thousands of carnivores every year

Wild Things, an award-winning film produced by the Natural Resources Defense Council, explores the age-old battle between ranchers and wild predators and questions whether this battle really need go on. The film is basically a polemic against the United States Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services program that kills tens of thousands of native carnivores, including coyotes and wolves, by brutal means such as poisoning, aerial gunning, and trapping.

Wild Things movie posterThe NRDC documentary advocates humane predator control methods.

The program is given millions of taxpayer dollars each year to kill animals at the request of ranchers and state wildlife management agencies.  The film… more

by: Niki Beigi

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Serious Pollution Persists at Many US Beach Waters, Says New Report – June 26, 2013

NRDC report highlights America’s dirtiest and cleanest beaches, recommends better monitoring and regulations

It’s summertime and the promise of beach days is enticing for those looking for relaxing time in the sun and outdoor fun. But be warned, the clear blue ocean waters may not be quite that clean.

Dohney Beach, CAPhoto Hannah Arista Photography
Dohney Beach, in Orange County, CA. One of the 11 repeat offender beaches that have continuously shown hazardous levels of bacteria counts.

Beaches across America experienced over 20,000 closing and advisory days for the third year in a row because of polluted water or threatened contamination, says a new report released today by the Natural Resources Defense Council. Over 80 percent of the… more

by: Niki Beigi

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