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Yakama Nation Fights for Nuclear Waste Cleanup at Hanford Site – May 21, 2014

Chinook salmon have returned in large numbers to the Columbia River, but tribal members worry about radioactive contamination

At 78, Russell Jim is at the age when most people are slowing down. But this elder of the Yakama Nation in Washington State remains full of righteous anger about the way his people have been treated over the last 150 years. “The real history of Native Americans has not been told yet,” says the silver-braided Jim. “When the US government put our people on reservations, they put us on the worst lands where there are few resources.” Especially galling to Jim, who is the project director for Environmental Restoration and Waste Management Program for the Yakama Nation, is the government’s mishandling of the nuclear waste at the Hanford Nuclear Site,… more

by: Michelle Tolson

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In Mongolia’s Gobi Desert, Increased Mining Activities Raise Pollution Fears – July 1, 2013

Rising water use by industry, deformed livestock births, exacerbate traditional pastoralists’ mistrust of the government

In April this year, two concurrent events were reported from the Dornogobi (East Gobi) province in Mongolia. AREVA, a multinational uranium mining company headquartered in France, announced that its Mongolian subsidiary, Kojegobi LLC, had located an estimated 55,000-ton uranium deposit in the Ulaanbadrakh district. Around the same time, local media reported the strange deaths and deformities of a number of young livestock in the district. 

photonamePhoto by Pablo Pecora on Flickr
Mongolia's mining boom has led to fears among the country's traditional pastoralists about the survival of the unique Gobi grasslands ecosystem and a traditional way of life.

Herders living a few miles from… more

by: Michelle Tolson

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