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IEA Report Exposes Frailty and Limits of North American Oil Boom – November 12, 2012

While North America indulges in its new fossil fuel energy binge, the door to preventing catastrophic climate change is fast closing

The International Energy Agency's annual World Energy Outlook is out today and judging by the media attention it's getting it might as well have been named, 'U.S. Oil Boom Outlook'.

Most of the coverage in major outlets so far hones in on a handful of the report's nearly 700 pages that discuss the ongoing US oil boom.

IEA report

The top line message emerging from these reports: US to become world's biggest oil producer. It is a message that has been echoed a lot recently, and the industry and its supporters are bound to pounce on this affirmation from the world's leading energy analysts.

But when… more

by: Lorne Stockman

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