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When Building Sustainable Societies, There’s No Better Guide than the Human Scale – March 17, 2017

We need to fashion communities such that individuals become neighbors and lovers instead of just acquaintances and ciphers

It can be fairly objected that every age has its crises and so far the ingenuity of the human brain or the capacity of human society has been able to solve, or appear to solve, most of them. No matter how problems have grown in the past they have not interfered with the sort of growth that has characterized Western civilization in the modern period. But that lesson from the past disguises one important fact of the present: our crises now proceed, like the very growth of our systems, exponentially.

da vinci's vetruvian man sketchPhoto Wikimedia CommonsLeonardo da Vinci's The Vitruvian Man sketch was his… more

by: Kirkpatrick Sale

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