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Patagonia in Peril: Proposed Dams Threaten One of the Last Great Wild Places – March 7, 2013

Grassroots campaign continues to battle $10-billion mega project

At this moment, government officials in Chile are under pressure to approve a major hydroelectric project that would dam the Río Baker and nearby Río Pascua, two of the biggest and wildest and most beautiful rivers in the Patagonian wilderness.  Backed by a consortium of national and international corporations, the $10 billion, 2,750 megawatt project, HidroAysén, includes five major dams and a transmission line that would run 2,000 kilometers north to Santiago, crossing indigenous lands, national parks and protected nature reserves.  Resistance to the project — led by a coalition of local, national, and international groups known as the Patagonia Defense Council — is at an all-time high.   


by: James McVey

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