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Safeguarding the Karnali River – January 26, 2017

Nepal's last free-flowing river is threatened by a massive dam

Megh Ale (pronounced “Ah-lay”) is a patient man. His eyes twinkle, the corners almost always turned up into a soft smile. He used to be a monk before he started his rafting, adventure travel, and river conservation endeavors. Patience is a virtue in Nepal if you are a river conservationist, but a sense of alarm is also present in Ale’s face and voice. The country has about 6,000 rivers and streams, and every single river is dammed except one. That’s right — one.  

Now that final free-flowing river, the Karnali, is also threatened. Ale is trying to save it.

Karnali Riverphoto by Gary Wocknermore

by: Gary Wockner

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Could Geothermal Reservoirs Under Salton Sea Save the Colorado River? – September 2, 2016

Untapped resource could replace power generated at Glen Canyon Dam

President Obama made a historic announcement Wednesday, saying that the federal government is considering investing in the geothermal power in the rock formations under the Salton Sea in Southern California. Considered to be "the most powerful geothermal reservoirs in the world," the Salton Sea announcement could play a critical role in the future management of the Colorado River.

Salton SeaPhoto by Stephen Kallao The Salton Sea announcement could play a critical role in the future management of the Colorado River.

Fifty years ago, Glen Canyon Dam was built above the Grand Canyon, and the Colorado River… more

by: Gary Wockner

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Fort Collins to Vote on Fracking Ban Today – April 23, 2013

Final vote on this controversial issue is being made with no public input, say watchdog groups

Today, the Fort Collins City Council will once again discuss, and potentially vote on, the extremely controversial issue of banning fracking in Fort Collins.

photoname Photo by Brent_KS/FlickrIn March, the city council passed a ban on fracking. But three weeks later, in a quiet
vote with no public input, the council passed an “agreement” allowing the a driller to
frack on two new square miles of land near the Budweiser brewery(pictured above).

In March, the city council passed a ban on fracking that grandfathered in the one driller that currently operates on eight well pads in northern Fort Collins. But… more

by: Gary Wockner

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