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Al Gore Returns with Portrait of a Planet Imperiled by Extreme Weather and Extremist Deniers – July 28, 2017

In Review: An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power

Frankenstein, Dracula, and Freddy Krueger move over — sounding at times like an Old Testament prophet, Al Gore is back with a spine-tingling big screen depiction of a world on fire that’s at times scarier than a horror movie. In fact, during an address to “Climate Leader” trainees an outraged Gore comments that his righteous rage makes him sound like he’s “on fire.”

photo of an Inconvenient Sequel Photo courtesy of An Inconvenient SequelIn An Inconvenient Sequel, Al Gore takes viewers across the globe from Greenland (pictured) to Florida to India.

Considering that An Inconvenient Truth scored Oscars in the Best Documentary… more

by: Ed Rampell

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New Documentary Brings Viewers Beneath the Waves to See the Coral Bleaching Crisis – July 14, 2017

In Review: Chasing Coral

One of the difficulties of challenging climate change deniers, as well as with building public support and momentum for climate action, is that some of global warming’s most devastating effects occur out of the public eye in corners of the planet usually inaccessible to most people. As the old saying goes, “Out of sight, out of mind.” But then again, as another truism puts it: “What you don’t know may kill you.”

photo of coral bleachingphoto courtesy of Chasing CoralChasing Coral takes viewers underwater to witness the impact climate change is having on coral reefs.

To make what seems invisible visible… more

by: Ed Rampell

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Indigenous Storytelling at Standing Rock – July 7, 2017

A conversation with Myron Dewey, co-director of Awake, A Dream from Standing Rock

Myron Dewey is a Paiute-Temoke Shoshone filmmaker who co-directed Awake, A Dream from Standing Rock with Academy Award and Emmy nominee James Spione and Oscar nominee Josh Fox. Awake documents the struggle of Indigenous water protectors at the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in North Dakota as they gathered for much of last year to prevent the Dakota Access Pipeline from being constructed beneath the Missouri River.

photo of Shenandoah SalamanderPhoto courtesy of Awake tells the story of Native-led resistence to the Dakota Access Pipeline and the ways in which it changed the fight for clean water and the environment. more

by: Ed Rampell

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Wendell Berry as a 21st Century Apostle of Jeffersonian Democracy – June 9, 2017

In Review: Look & See: A Portrait of Wendell Berry

Look & See: A Portrait of Wendell Berry is a poetic new documentary about an American eco-icon of our age. The Kentucky-born, 82-year-old Berry is a poet, essayist, novelist, academic, and farmer who has long been a force to be contended with on the environmental scene. Since 1958, Berry’s artistically expressed championing of conservationism has earned awards and fellowships from a wide range of entities, including government agencies, museums, foundations, publications, grassroots and professional organizations, and educational and religious institutions.

photo of Wendell BerryPhoto courtesy of Look & SeeA young Wendell Berry with his son in the woods of Kentucky.

In 2011 President Obama… more

by: Ed Rampell

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Chronicling Global Warming’s Impact on Antarctica’s Chinstrap Penguins – April 20, 2017

A conversation with Ron Naveen from the film The Penguin Counters

The heating up of the Antarctic Peninsula by five degrees centigrade is having a colossal impact on the seventh continent and the species living there. Co-producers and co-directors Peter Getzels and Harriet Gordon embarked on an arduous Antarctic odyssey with field biologists, led by the intrepid Ron Naveen, to probe this phenomenon by counting the region’s penguin populations. Their stunning new nonfiction film The Penguin Counters documents the effects climate change is having on Antarctica’s chinstraps, a penguin species so-called because of the distinctive black lines beneath their beaks.  

photo of chinstrap penguinsphoto courtesy of First Run FeaturesThe Penguin Counters follows a group of… more

by: Ed Rampell

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