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Does End Justify the Means in Our Struggle to Save Species? – November 9, 2017

In Review: A River Below

Mark Grieco’s A River Below is an eye-popping documentary proving, once again, that truth is often stranger than fiction. This film’s plot has as many twists and turns as the Amazon River — the setting of  this true life saga of two biologists striving to use the news media to protect endangered species and then having to cope with the unintended consequences of their conservation crusades.

Grand Canyon Duskphoto by Luciana ChristanteThe Amazon's pink river dolphin lies at the heart of the eye-popping documentary A River Below.

At the heart of River is the pink river dolphin, one of the Amazon’s… more

by: Ed Rampell

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Koch Brothers Versus Small Town USA – September 12, 2017

In Review: Company Town

The riveting Company Town is one of the hardest-hitting documentaries ever made about environmental racism in America. It is to the eco-justice movement what Barbara Kopple’s 1976 Best Documentary Academy Award winner Harlan County USA was to class struggle or Al Gore’s 2007 An Inconvenient Truth was to climate change or Josh Fox’s Oscar-nominated 2010 Gasland was to fracking. It appears to be a classic case of environmental injustice, wherein people of color and the poor are singled out to bear the brunt of well-funded, string-pulling corporations and businesses.

photo of Pastor BouiePhoto by Nicolaus Czarnecki/Company TownPastor David Bouie has taken on the… more

by: Ed Rampell

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In Conversation with Dolores Huerta – September 1, 2017

The United Farm Workers co-founder discusses environmental racism, Standing Rock, and her new biopic

The United Farm Workers are remembered for their groundbreaking grape boycott during the 1960s to force California growers to negotiate better working conditions and wages for the campesinos laboring in the fields. But as Dolores — the new documentary about UFW co-founder Dolores Huerta — reminds us, the union also pioneered the fight t against environmental racism. While organized labor and environmentalism are sometimes at loggerheads, this 97 minute nonfiction film shows that when it came to banning spraying DDT and other dangerous pesticides, the UFW proved: “Si se puede!”

photo of Dolores Huerta Photo by Why Tuesday, Flickr

Co-executive produced by musician Carlos Santana, Dolores… more

by: Ed Rampell

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Al Gore Returns with Portrait of a Planet Imperiled by Extreme Weather and Extremist Deniers – July 28, 2017

In Review: An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power

Frankenstein, Dracula, and Freddy Krueger move over — sounding at times like an Old Testament prophet, Al Gore is back with a spine-tingling big screen depiction of a world on fire that’s at times scarier than a horror movie. In fact, during an address to “Climate Leader” trainees an outraged Gore comments that his righteous rage makes him sound like he’s “on fire.”

photo of an Inconvenient Sequel Photo courtesy of An Inconvenient SequelIn An Inconvenient Sequel, Al Gore takes viewers across the globe from Greenland (pictured) to Florida to India.

Considering that An Inconvenient Truth scored Oscars in the Best Documentary… more

by: Ed Rampell

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New Documentary Brings Viewers Beneath the Waves to See the Coral Bleaching Crisis – July 14, 2017

In Review: Chasing Coral

One of the difficulties of challenging climate change deniers, as well as with building public support and momentum for climate action, is that some of global warming’s most devastating effects occur out of the public eye in corners of the planet usually inaccessible to most people. As the old saying goes, “Out of sight, out of mind.” But then again, as another truism puts it: “What you don’t know may kill you.”

photo of coral bleachingphoto courtesy of Chasing CoralChasing Coral takes viewers underwater to witness the impact climate change is having on coral reefs.

To make what seems invisible visible… more

by: Ed Rampell

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