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Feinstein, Brown Promote Misinformed and Destructive Logging Programs – March 8, 2016

Current research shows that we have a deficit of critical snag forests in California

Recently, Senator Dianne Feinstein and Ken Pimlott, director of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CalFire), claimed that 2015 was a record fire year, with wild fires having spanned 10 million acres in the United States. In an op-ed in the Los Angeles Times earlier this month, they used this statement, and hyperbolic claims that fire destroys forests and other wildlands, to promote a widespread commercial logging program to remove dead trees, or “snags,” throughout California’s forests, claiming that snags increase the chances of fires breaking out.

photo of Snag ForestPhoto by Chad Hanson The notion that standing dead trees,… more

by: Chad Hanson

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Destructive “Clearcuts for Christmas” Logging Rider Defeated – December 17, 2015

Opposition from grassroots environmental groups, scientists, and some principled Democrats wins the day

On December 7, I wrote in Earth Island Journal about a destructive logging bill that Congressional Republicans, and a few misguided Democrats, were trying to attach as a “rider” to the must-pass Omnibus appropriations bill, expected to pass this week. The bill’s proponents cynically used fear and misunderstanding about wildland fires to propose eliminating environmental analysis for most logging projects on federal lands and dramatically curtailing public participation in federal forest management decisions. This would have led to an enormous increase in destructive logging, including huge clearcuts, on our public forests. 

Photo of Snag ForestPhoto by Chad Hanson An intact, unlogged… more

by: Chad Hanson

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Clearcuts for Christmas? – December 7, 2015

Pro-logging “rider” bill in Congress would allow clearcutting in our national forests

When Americans think about the presents they want for the Holidays, clearcuts on our national forests and other federal public lands is not what they have in mind.  But that is exactly what radical, anti-environmental members of Congress are proposing to do right now — make a generous gift to the logging industry. 

Rim fire loggingPhoto by Chad HansonPost-fire clearcutting on Forest Service land in the Rim fire area eliminated the wildlife-rich snag forest habitat and left only stump fields.

Republicans in the Senate are using the upcoming December 11 government-funding deadline and fear and misinformation about wildland fire in our forests, to pressure some… more

by: Chad Hanson

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US Forest Service Moves to Start Clearcutting in Rim Fire Area – August 28, 2014

Massive logging proposal threatens many spotted owls, currently thriving in the fire-affected acres of Stanislaus National Forest

The US Forest Service issued a draft decision yesterday for a massive post-fire logging project in the Stanislaus National Forest portion of the 2013 California Rim Fire, which covered 257,171 acres on the national forest and Yosemite National Park. A final, signed decision on the proposal is expected this afternoon. 

regenerating underbush in California Rim Fire areaPhoto by Chad HansonA carpet of lupines covered this large high-intensity fire patch in the Rim Fire area this spring, showing that forest is regenerating naturally.

The draft decision proposes over 37,000 acres of intensive post-fire logging, which would remove the majority of the rarest and most ecologically… more

by: Chad Hanson

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The Yosemite Rim Fire Revisited – June 3, 2014

The forest is coming back to life; Forest Service plan to log there is a bad idea

After the massive Rim Fire occurred last year in the Stanislaus National Forest and Yosemite National Park of California’s Sierra Nevada, representatives from the U.S. Forest Service fanned the flames of fear and misunderstanding regarding wildland fire. In a news article published shortly after the fire was contained, a Forest Service official claimed that a 38,000-acre area was a “moonscape” that had been “nuked” by the Rim Fire, creating a lifeless environment where soils had been sterilized and nothing would grow. (By the time it was contained, the Rim Fire had affected 257,171 acres.) The Forest Service also claimed the high-severity burn covered some 63,000 acres and… more

by: Chad Hanson

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