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George Will Misses the Mark on Divestment – April 21, 2015

Campus sustainability movements are no more fundamentalist than Will’s unbridled faith in the free market

Last week, Washington Post columnist George Will took a swing at the campus divestment movement that is spreading across the country, arguing that sustainability has “gone mad” on college campuses. 

Divest from Fossil FuelPhoto by Light Brigading, on Flickr The environmental movement doesn’t fit into the stale boomer-era narrative of left versus right.

Will started out predictably at first, claiming that divestment from fossil fuels is ineffective. It soon became obvious, however, that the divestment movement may indeed pose a serious threat to Will’s worldview. His rhetorical license crescendoed as he compared those committed to sustainability and divestment… more

by: Björn Philip Beer

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People’s Climate March: Morning After Musings – September 22, 2014

Corporate apologists are going to be most threatened by the moral message that religious and social justice groups brought to the airwaves.

Sometimes, one has to break from journalistic detachment to emotionally process a historic event. On Sunday, about 400,000 people showed up to the People's Climate March in New York City, more than quadruple the number predicted by march organizers. 

Last night, as I sat on the train back from New York to Washington D.C., I felt a number of emotions when I processed the events of the day. Although I met famous personalities Senator Bernie Sanders and Bill McKibben my mind dwelled on the folks I met who are still suffering after Superstorm Sandy, and those who have been fighting oil pipelines in their own backyard, and those have… more

by: Björn Philip Beer

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Nearly 400,000 Marchers Sound the ‘Climate Alarm’ in New York City – September 21, 2014

Largest climate protest in history draws comparisons to the first Earth Day action in Manhattan 44 years ago

New York City: A massive river of humanity poured through the canyon of concrete called Manhattan this morning as the People’s Climate March kicked off. Advertised as the largest climate march in history, it was predicted that as many as 100,000 people would participate in the event. The actual turnout was four times as much.

Crowd shot of the People's Climate March in NYCPhoto by Annette BernhardtFrom those effected by Superstorm Sandy, to interfaith groups, to scientists and students and ethnic coalitions — every conceivable interest and identity group found its place behind various props, banners, and works of art at the People's… more

by: Björn Philip Beer

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What’s the Secret Behind Germany’s Clean Energy Success? – August 6, 2014

The US may never beat them in soccer, but we can in renewable energy

Last month, Germany was in the news for all the wrong reasons: in addition to crushing all would-be challengers in the World Cup, Germany and the US are in the midst of a serious diplomatic crisis after the CIA was caught spying on Germany’s intelligence agency, actually paying agents hard cash in return for state secrets.

It is worth pondering whether, in the course of its spying, the CIA noticed that Germany has made itself much more secure, safe, and sustainable by greening its economy and energy production at a breakneck speed. We could use some actionable intelligence to replicate Germany’s Energiewende (or “Energy Transition”), as if the world depends… more

by: Björn Philip Beer

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All Together Now! – July 31, 2014

Environmental organizers busy laying plans for the People’s Climate March

If everything goes according to plan, the People’s Climate March could be the largest climate demonstration in the United States to date. On September 20 and 21, waves of citizens will descend on New York City to show public support for the UN "Solutions Summit" and to demand immediate action to staunch greenhouse gas emissions. I'll be joining them — traveling with a group of protesters on a train from Washington, DC to New York as I cover the march for Earth Island Journal — and last week I attended an organizing meeting in DC to see what I should expect.

Santa Rita MountainsPhoto… more

by: Björn Philip Beer

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