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Earth Island Reports

Sustainable World Coalition

New Book and Campaign

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Sustainable World Coalition is pleased to announce two exciting new endeavors. The first is the publication of our new Learning & Engagement Guide, a book that accompanies our flagship publication, the Sustainable World SourceBook. The Guide provides an excellent, experiential curriculum for use with the SourceBook in both classroom situations and citizen discussion groups of all kinds, encouraging full participation and engagement with the big global challenges we all face. The contents of the Guide will also be used for online sustainability courses and webinars.

Secondly, we are launching our “Pay It Forward” campaign, an ambitious donation program involving the distribution of 6,000 SourceBooks and accompanying Guides to high schools around the country. This is being coordinated by the Partnership for Education for Sustainable Development. The program calls for intergenerational mentoring of adults and students, classroom discussion programs and salons, all of which use the SourceBook and Guide as primary learning and engagement resources. The purpose is to have students acquire an essential understanding of what we need to do, individually and collectively, to create a just human society and a healthy planet.

You can download the SourceBook (as well as the Guide, to be published shortly) free at the SWC website.


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