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Project Coyote

Ban Coyote Bounties!

photo of dozens of coyote carcasses hanging from racks outdoorsprojectcoyote.orgAt least 71,000 coyotoes were killed in Saskatchewan between Nov. 2009 and
March 2010. The provincial government paid out $1.4 million CDN to bounty
hunters who target coyotes.

Project Coyote and its ally Raincoast Conservation Foundation made headlines in October that raised awareness about the plight of wolves and coyotes killed in government-sponsored predator-control hunts. The groups are calling for e-mails to Nova Scotia’s Minister of Natural Resources John MacDonell ( to stop the “pelt incentive program” that aims to cut the coyote population in half province-wide and provides $20CDN per coyote pelt.

Meanwhile, Nature Saskatchewan (a provincial affiliate of Nature Canada) passed a resolution on September 26, 2010 that condemns predator bounties as “economically inefficient, counterproductive, and ecologically damaging, as demonstrated in various studies throughout the world.”

“Let this progressive resolution passed by Nature Saskatchewan be a clarion call to Nova Scotia and other jurisdictions that bounties and other mass killings of coyotes are ethically indefensible, ecologically reckless, and counter to sound scientific wildlife conservation,” stated Paul Paquet, advisory board member of Project Coyote and senior scientist of the Raincoast Conservation Foundation.


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