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Letters and Emails

Yes, We Need More Parks

I stumbled upon Earth Island Journal through a gift subscription and find it to be one of the best publications on the market. The recent issue on national parks was a true bonus. I especially appreciated Michael Kellett’s article on the need to expand our park system (“Room for More,” Summer 2016). Sixteen years ago I was medically released from my career as a librarian due to a permanent back injury. The medical retirement allowed me to obtain a Golden Access Card to the national parks, and I decided to put all the national parks on my bucket list. I’m proud to say I’ve visited over 40 national parks so far and hope to complete my journey in this lifetime. I couldn’t agree more that there is “room for more” parks in this country.

cartoon depicting a tv news

Rosalie Robison
Milwaukee, WI

Rethinking Wildfires

The War Against Wildfire” by George Wuerthner (Autumn 2016) is an excellent article! It should be sent to the folks at CNN who like to talk about “devastating fires.”

Frank R.
Stoneham, MA

Jaguars Bring Joy

I appreciated Richard Mahler’s article on efforts to revive jaguar populations along the US-Mexico border (“Borderlands Cat,” Autumn 2016). I so hope that the Southwest’s jaguars can be saved. It’s worrisome that it has taken the US Fish and Wildlife Service so long to give these big cats the protections they deserve under the Endangered Species Act. I know this: If they cease to exist, the world will be a much poorer place. I will never see a wild jaguar, but it makes me joyful just knowing they are out there.

Beth Gowdy
Raton, NM

Talking Versus Hearing
Letters to the Editor

Earth Island Journal
2150 Allston Way #460
Berkeley, CA 94704

Maureen Nandini Mitra’s interview with two-time Republican congressman Bob Inglis (“Climate Evangelist,” Autumn 2016) digs deeply into the idea that to truly communicate with someone, you need to use their language. The interview takes this thinking a step further by examining a listener’s willingness to even contemplate what they are being offered. Environmentalists, please read this article again and again, even if it makes you angry. Bob Inglis clearly lays out the only way to accomplish your goals.

Mark Stafford
Oakland, CA

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