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Letters and Emails

Taking on DAPL
Letters to the Editor

Earth Island Journal
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Berkeley, CA 94704

I enjoyed the Journal’s story on Standing Rock and Native resistance to the fossil fuel industry (“Nations Rising,” Winter 2017). People have been trying to address climate change for a long time, but not much action had taken place until the Standing Rock Sioux took a stand against the Dakota Access Pipeline. Now folks from across the globe are rallying around the oil issue. The change to alternative energy begins. The green energy rush is on!

John Merasty
Saskatoon, Canada

Help from Afar

Thank you for the article on how Africa’s private game reserves are dehorning rhinos to protect their charges (“At the Sharp End,” Winter 2017). The poaching crisis is indeed a horribly tragic situation, one that I’ve been following after several visits to Africa. From my home base in the United States, the best I can do to mitigate the rhino slaughter is write letters and donate to organizations to help curtail the carnage, including one mentioned in the story, the International Anti-Poaching Foundation.

Steve Tyler
Orange, CA

A Waste of Time

I was disappointed that the Journal chose to publish an interview of Bob Inglis (“Climate Evangelist,” Autumn 2016) without critical comment. There are serious problems with each of Inglis’s approaches. Arguing stewardship is a fool’s game that is too easily manipulated and likely to backfire. Free enterprise will not work fast enough on a scale sufficient to do what is needed without a whole lot of determined government meddling in the public interest. And trying to convince people they could do better suggests to me that they will immediately ask why they should bother. How can you talk people into being part of the solution without ever convincing them that they are part of a serious problem? Either they believe climate change is a real problem or they don’t. Mr. Inglis was not subjected to a discussion of stewardship, improved economics, or positive thinking about a better way to do things. He saw the light due to a peculiar set of circumstances that had nothing to do with the sort of contrived messaging he now proposes. His approach is a waste of more time when we’ve already wasted decades.

Robert B. Paul
Charleston, WV


“American Equality” (Winter 2017) incorrectly stated that the armed occupation of Oregon’s Malheur National Wildlife Refuge ended on January 26, 2015. The occupation officially ended on February 11, 2016, when the four final occupiers surrendered.


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