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Letters and Emails

Towards Global Recovery
Letters to the Editor

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Anna Lappé’s column (“It’s Alive! The Amazing World of Soil,” Autumn 2015) was outstanding. Soil health needs to be part of the global climate change discussion. It must also be included in comprehensive plans to protect the oceans from agricultural runoff. I enjoyed Lappé’s positive take on this urgent issue and am more optimistic than ever that we are leaving the pollution era behind and rapidly approaching the global recovery era!

Caryl Zook
Vero Beach, FL

A Lesson for Western Culture


Kaimana Barcarse’s article (“A Native View on the Indigenous Perspective,” Autumn 2015) focuses on simplicity, tradition, and being close to the earth as the keys to a “Native” way of being and seeing. As a European, I also agree with these principles. I can’t help but think, though, that if it’s hard for Native people to maintain their old ways of living, it’s even more difficult for people like me – raised within a Western culture divorced from the land and obsessed with complexity, progress, and money – to cultivate these values.

Robert Alcock
Cantabria, Spain

Inspiring Others

Thank you for Mark Dowie’s piece on the Haida of northwestern British Columbia (“The Haida Gwaii Lesson,” Autumn 2015). As in their art, the Haida have used a dynamic combination of patience and persistence to advance recognition of their sovereignty and rights to the land. Their dedication and success can inspire other Indigenous communities facing the same struggles around the world.

George MacDonald
Ottawa, Canada

Movers and Shakers
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I was glad to read the interview with Tony Skrelunas (Conversation, Autumn 2015). I’ve followed Tony’s career in community-based development for more than two decades, and admire him both for his knowledge and his ability to not take “no” for an answer. He is a true mover and shaker among the Navajo people. It was a pleasure to learn more about his work, and I look forward to incorporating his ideas and concepts into our Yavapai-Apache Nation community in Camp Verde, Arizona.

Don Decker
Camp Verde, AZ


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