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Letters and Emails

Rogue Young
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Noah Sudarsky’s cover story on current cougar management practices in the United States and how it disrupts the big cat’s social structure (“Cat Fight,” Spring 2014) was great. Interestingly, the same dynamic has been seen in elephants in East Africa, particularly in Rwanda’s Akagera National Park. When the older males are eliminated through poaching or trophy hunting, the teenage renegade males cause a lot of problems for the local communities. Not much different from humans.

Mark Jordahl
Boulder, CO

More than Words

What an amazing life Camille Seaman has lived (“1000 Words,” Spring 2014). What she sees through the lens shows me that she sees nature in that way most people do not. I am impressed by Seaman’s viewpoint and that she chooses to just allow the photo to speak for itself. In the photo The Lovely Monster in the Big Cloud series, you can imagine witnessing that and the destruction left behind. No words are needed. It speaks for itself. Amazing job!

Emily Ebert
Fredericktown, OH

cartoon drawing of a lab-coated scientist speaking with a dolphin in a

Straw Men Arguments

Interesting, isn’t it, that Roger Pielke, Jr. doesn’t offer any cogent arguments in support of growth in his essay, “What Does it Mean to be Anti-Growth” (Plus/Minus, Spring 2014)? He merely sets up the straw men of Neo-Malthusian, Peak Earther, or Luddite and demands that those opposing growth identify with one of the only supposed categories of those opposed to unlimited growth. Refreshing (and frightening), on the other hand, are the views expressed by John de Graaf in his piece, “We Can’t Grow On,” where he talks about limited resources and the dangerous practices undertaken to extract them in the desperation to sustain unlimited growth. I refuse to be labeled by Pielke’s terms and instead wish to examine growth rationally, as de Graaf has.

Howard A. Pellett
Anacortes, WA

Dismiss the 1%

As Annie Leonard points out in her column (“Material World,” Spring 2014), equity and sustainability make a good couple. But in the end, without GDP growth, banks, whose job is to finance growth, just crash. To keep our “good couple” going strong we must get rid of big banks and capitalism itself. As our resources become scarcer, equity is not at all possible without dismissing the top 1 percent. I think President Obama knows it. What he says about equity is just political blah blah, because he will not erase Wall Street to save the common people.

Christian Gebauer
Salsipuede, Argentina


Our article about the abandoned golf course of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (“Fairway to Heaven,” Spring) included several courses outside the city limits and under- reported the population of the metropolitan area. At the height of the golf course construction boom, greater Myrtle Beach had about one golf course per 2,000 residents, not one course per 200 residents, as we reported. We regret the miscalculation.


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