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Center for Safe Energy

Bravo Bodrov

Oleg Bodrov, longtime Russian partner of Center for Safe Energy, received the Nuclear Free Future award at New York’s Great Hall at Cooper Union September 30. He didn’t waste a minute of his time in the United States, partnering with Center for Safe Energy and Friends of the Earth-Norway to bring a Russian delegation of nuclear researchers together with an American contingent working to close the Vermont Yankee plant.    

Bodrov, a nuclear engineer, is a whistle-blower who was brutally attacked in Russia for his investigation of the nuclear industry’s practice of re-smelting radioactive metal. As founder of the Russian NGO Green World, Bodrov advocates for the decommissioning of Russia’s fleet of aging nuclear power plants, many of which are Chernobyl-type reactors operating well beyond their lifespan.

The American and Russian delegations focused on the issues surrounding decommissioning of nuclear plants, including the dangers of aging parts, the inability to inspect underground pipes that have reached their lifetime limit, and the problem of nuclear waste storage. The summit couldn’t have happened at a more opportune time: A week later the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission announced the discovery of radioactive tritium in a former drinking-water well near the Vermont Yankee plant.


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