Why Are Regional Conservationists Not Supporting the Northern Rockies Ecosystem Protection Act? 

The proposed legislation is easily the most ecological, economic, and ethical conservation bill introduced into Congress.

George Wuerthner

Senate Passes Landmark Bill to Enlarge Public Lands in Western States

Bill sets aside more than one million acres of new wilderness and conservation areas

Cassidy Randall The Guardian

The Removal of One Maine Dam 20 Years Ago Changed Everything

Since the Edwards Dam was breached, more than 1,100 dams have come down across the United States

Tara Lohan

A City of Gardens and Water

Learning from Singapore's holistic approach to water sustainability

Rebecca Wodder

Landmark Legal Ruling in Australia Rejects Coal Mine on Climate Grounds

Court finds controversial project incompatible with urgent need to decrease global greenhouse gas emissions

Andy Rowell

Ocasio-Cortez and Markey Unveil Vision for Green New Deal

Resolution sets broad goals for carbon neutrality, economic and racial justice

Emily Holden and Lauren Gambino The Guardian

Fall Armyworm Continues its Invasion of Asia

Crop pest that gorges on corn and rice now confirmed in China, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Yemen.

Stephanie Parker

Sea Shepherd Ship Attacked in Vaquita Refuge

Poachers threw molotov cocktails and rocks at vessel in second assault of 2019, says conservation group

Lorraine Chow

Equal Parts Anger and Love

A posthumous interview with Edward Abbey

Kathleen Dean Moore

Industrial Fishing Pushes Endangered Albatross Closer to Extinction

Satellite data suggests protection measures to reduce seabird deaths from longline fishing are being ignored

Karen McVeigh The Guardian

A Kentucky Town’s Struggle with Illegally Dumped Radioactive Waste

Community must decide how to deal with nearly 2,000 tons of dangerous materials that were buried across the street from two schools

Austyn Gaffney

Can Beauty Save the World?

We will not find what we need by worshipping economic growth and material progress. In fact, we just might drive ourselves to extinction.

John de Graaf

As Americans Prepare for Frigid Polar Vortex, Scientists Point to Climate Disruption Link

The research isn't settled, but experts say these extreme cold spells could become more common

Jennifer Francis

Detective Dog Sniffs Out Devastating Honeybee Disease

Maryland's chief apiary inspector has trained her Labrador to inspect hives for harmful bacteria

Cherese Cobb

Oil and Gas Efforts Proceed, Public Lands Opened to Hunters During Government Shutdown

Lawmakers and nonprofits call out Trump administration for using the shutdown to cater to special interests

Tara Lohan

Malawi Turns to Coal to Address its Energy Crisis

Solar and wind could help increase energy access for millions unconnected to the grid

Raphael Mweninguwe