For The Virgin Islands’ Young Climate Change Officer, Irma Made the Global Crisis Personal

September 2017’s Category 5 hurricane proved that we can’t simply adapt our way into safety.

Angela Burnett

Kerala Hit with Worst Flooding in a Century

Intense monsoon rains have led to 350 deaths and displaced 800,000 people in Indian state

Lorne Stockman

Fall Armyworm’s Arrival in India Sparks Fear of its Spread Through Asia

Finding confirms theory that the invasive pest, that’s been decimating crops in Africa, might soon go global

Stephanie Parker

Lion Shaped Mountain: Muddy Travelers

In Sierra Leone, humans and chimpanzees are being pushed closer and closer together

Andrew Halloran

What’s Causing Florida’s Algae Crisis?

Five questions answered about the blooms that are killing fish and threatening public health

Karl Havens

Time to Step Up Pressure Against the Atlantic Coast and Mountain Valley Pipelines

Work on both pipelines have been temporarily halted due to vacated federal permits and multiple environmental violations

Lorne Stockman

Is Your Perfume Sustainable?

Perfumery may seem benign, but ingredients derived from plants and animals can come with serious environmental and ethical toll

Kamila Abdurashitova

One Man’s Suffering Exposed Monsanto’s Secrets

Company’s own records revealed damning truth of glyphosate-based herbicides’ link to cancer

Carey Gillam The Guardian

Europe’s Nuclear Reactors Fall Victim to the Heat

Closures raise questions about viability of nucelar power in a warming world

Andy Rowell

Venezuela’s Mining Crisis Gains Regional Attention

Latin American section of Society for Conservation Biology urges protection of environment and human rights in Mining Arc

Bram Ebus

Of Earth, Wind, and Birds

With a changing climate come changing winds, and implications for feathered riders of the breeze

Lauren Hall Ruddell

Mendocino Complex Wildfire Becomes Biggest in California History

Thousands of firefighters battle blaze as it destroys homes and forces evacuations

Scott Bransford The Guardian

We #StandWithEllen: Pennsylvania Grandmother Sent to Prison For Protesting Plastics Pipeline

Ellen Sue Gerhart has been an outspoken opponent of the Mariner East 2 pipeline that is to run through her family’s land

Ethan Buckner

Defenders of Mexico’s Environment Chronicle Their Battles

Poet Homero Aridjis and Betty Ferber have spent a lifetime fighting to save endangered species and ecosystems in Latin America

Mark J Palmer

Make No Mistake, Orca Mom J-35 and Pod Mates Are Grieving

Sad story could be a catalyst for changing the way we think about other animals

Marc Bekoff

Nobel Peace Laureates Call on Jerry Brown to Phase Out Fossil Fuel Production

California Governor has issued more than 20,000 permits for new oil wells since taking office in 2011

Hannah McKinnon