In a Warming World, the Heat’s On Us

As we learn to say goodbye to plants and animals and places we hold dear, we need to do whatever we can to save what is left.

Dahr Jamail

Life Along the Banks of One of Latin America’s Most Polluted Waterways

Locals fear being forgotten as Buenos Aires tries to clean up the Riachuelo River

Forest Ray

Hawaii’s Snail Extinction Crisis Appears to Be Speeding Up

With the loss of a species on New Year's Day, scientists are racing to save the islands' other unique snails before it's too late.

John R. Platt

Why We Won’t Quit the Climate Fight

Friends and experts may tell us we're doomed, but there are too many reasons to keep pushing for climate action

Kathleen Dean Moore and SueEllen Campbell

Exploring a Borderland Region that Soon Might Change for Good

In Review: Northland: A 4,000-Mile Journey Along America’s Forgotten Border

Cindy Xin

Proposed Shipping Route Threatens one of Europe’s Last Wild Rivers

Environmental activists and locals are organizing against the project, which would pass through 11 nature reserves

Tom Allan

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Winter 2019: Missed Opportunity

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Freeing the Seed

The seed library movement is pushing for the legal right to share seeds

Michael S. Carolan

The Most Important Environmental Stories of 2018

This past year offered us much to be worried about but glimmers of hope flickered through as well.

Maureen Nandini Mitra

Talking Points : Winter 2019

News in Brief

Journal Staff

A Paean to Nature’s Engineers

Eager: The Surprising, Secret Life of Beavers and Why They Matter By Ben Goldfarb, Chelsea Green Publishing, 2018

Gerry Wingenbach

The Tuna Herders

Climate change has forced these Galápagos sea lions to turn to a new food source. Since they can't outswim their prey, they use wits and teamwork instead.

Story by Stephanie Stone Photographs by Tui De Roy

Our Feathered Friends

The Birds at My Table: Why We Feed Wild Birds and Why It Matters By Darryl Jones, Cornell University Press, 2018

Christine Ro

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