• photo of a chimpanzeeAnimals Are Persons, Too
    Inside the effort to convince the courts to recognize nonhuman personhood.
    By Maureen Nandini Mitra
  • photo of a partly drowned desert canyon, dead trees showing above the surfaceDrowned Heart
    An adventure to Glen Canyon’s Cathedral in the Desert, restored by the West’s epic drought.
    By Jeremy Miller
  • photo of high mountains and a meadow of wildflowersUnderwater
    In 2012, Congress reformed a broken flood insurance program. Then it changed its mind. Why?
    By Bjorn Philip Beer

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China Imposes One-Year Ban on Ivory Imports Following Mounting Criticism

Wildlife advocates hopeful, but say more needs to be done to save African elephants from being poached to extinction

A bit of positive news to end this week with: Yesterday, China imposed a one-year ban on ivory imports. From the Associated Press: "The State Administration of Forestry declared the ban in a public notice posted on its official site, in which…
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Heard about the FBI Tracking of Keystone XL Activists? It’s Worse than You Thought.

The energy industry is now firmly hitched to the national security state.

This is a sneak peak from our forthcoming Spring edition. If you value dogged reporting like this, please become a subscriber today. In August 2010, the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Domestic Terrorism Analysis Unit distributed an intelligence bulletin to all field offices…
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Engineering Students Devise System to Track Ghost Fishing Nets

Invention could help save hundreds of marine animals that get entangled and killed by abandoned fishing nets every year

When fishermen lose control of a fishing net or abandon a torn net at sea, the nets float around on the water surface or deep within the sea, ensnaring and killing millions of fish and marine mammals every year. Poetically called “ghost…
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Obama Vetoes Bill Approving Keystone XL Pipeline

GOP to schedule an override vote by March 3

As promised, without much fanfare, President Barak Obama vetoed a bill that would have approved the controversial Keystone XL pipeline shortly after it landed on his desk today. Official White House Photo by Pete Souza"Through this bill the United States Congress attempts…
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North Carolina Wants Feds to End Red Wolf Rewilding Program

Only 100 of this reclusive, endangered canid remain in the wild

The red wolf, an endangered species with fewer than 100 individuals left in the wild and approximately 200 in captive breeding facilities around the country, is a striking, smart-looking canid with pointy ears tinged an autumn crimson. Larger than coyotes and smaller…
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Plastic Debris is Contributing to the Potential Extinction of Endangered Marine Species

Threatened or near threatened species make up 17% of all marine animals impacted by manmade debris, says report

A few days ago, I wrote about a study quantifying the ginormous amount of plastic debris that’s making its way into our oceans every year. (In case you haven’t heard it yet, 9 million tons of plastic is expected to end at…
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An Ancient Vegetarian Tribe Struggles to Keep Its Traditions Alive

The Todas of India’s Nilgiri Hills have played a crucial role in safeguarding the biodiversity of the UNESCO World Heritage site

Kwattawdr Kwehttn cast a reverential gaze upon the distant hill, it’s the abode of Etyottydaihh, one of the gods of his tribe. Sitting on a cot outside his house in the Nilgiri Hills in southern India, he then turned his gaze to…
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Wendell Berry
The poet, novelist, essayist and farmer discusses organic foods, his frustrations with the environmental movement, and his love of his horses.
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Social Change Is Magic
Brower Youth Award Winner Doorae Shin writes that being a progressive activist has fulfilled her childhood fantasy to attend Hogwarts.
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Smoke ‘Em Out
The Journal’s new columnist, Anna Lappé, on what the climate justice movement can learn from the global campaign against Big Tobacco.
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What’s a Critter Worth?

On the value of wolves and eagles, ravens and squirrels.
By Eric Freedman

No Time to Spare

A review of Naomi Klein’s new book, This Changes Everything.
By Tom Athanasiou

Food Forest

In the Peruvian Amazon, locally managed Brazil nut forests help keep deforestation at bay.
By Benjamin Hodgdon

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