• photo of a chimpanzeeAnimals Are Persons, Too
    Inside the effort to convince the courts to recognize nonhuman personhood.
    By Maureen Nandini Mitra
  • photo of a partly drowned desert canyon, dead trees showing above the surfaceDrowned Heart
    An adventure to Glen Canyon’s Cathedral in the Desert, restored by the West’s epic drought.
    By Jeremy Miller
  • photo of high mountains and a meadow of wildflowersUnderwater
    In 2012, Congress reformed a broken flood insurance program. Then it changed its mind. Why?
    By Bjorn Philip Beer

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A Chronicle of Edward Abbey and Radical Environmental Movements

In Review: Wrenched

The new film Wrenched, by filmmaker ML Lincoln, explores the life of environmental writer and activist Edward Abbey and the direct action environmental movements that he helped to inspire. Rather than focusing purely on Abbey himself, Lincoln told me in our correspondence about…
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New York’s Fracking Ban is a Major Setback for the Oil and Gas Industry

Activists are now laying the groundwork for a national campaign against "extreme energy"

Five years ago it wasn’t a question of if fracking would come to New York but when. Yesterday’s decision by Gov. Andrew Cuomo to ban high volume hydraulic fracturing in the state is a measure of how much things have changed in…
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Travelers: Put Your Money Where Your Beliefs Are

Top 10 countries in the developing world that treat their people and environment well

Most of us love to travel, and most of us want to have a positive impact on the world. If you do it right, one Earth Island Institute project asserts, you can do both at the same time. By spending your travel…
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New York State to Ban Fracking Over ‘Red Flags’ to Public Health

Decision comes after two-year study into the effects of fracking on the state’s air and water raises ‘serious questions’

The state of New York said it would ban the controversial practice of hydraulic fracturing on Wednesday because of “red flags” about its risks to public health. The ban puts one of the last great areas of untapped potential in the Marcellus…
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Milwaukee Suburb’s Water Request is a Test for the Great Lakes Compact

Waukesha is the first community to seek an exception to the ban on diversion of water out of the Great Lakes

The city of Waukesha, Wisconsin, wants to draw water from Lake Michigan. But to do that the Milwaukee suburb will need the approval of all eight Great Lakes states, and nods from a couple Canadian provinces. In the late 1800s, Waukesha was…
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Advocates Win Key Victories to Stop Wildlife-Killing Contests in the US

Statewide ban in California and victories in Idaho and Oregon spur hope for nationwide predator management reform

Wildlife-killing contests in the United States go by many different names, including wildlife derbies, predator-hunting contests, coyote calling contests, and coyote drives. But whatever the name, and wherever they are held, these contests come down to the same basic principle: Hunting animals…
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Is the Lima Deal a Travesty of Global Climate Justice?

Poorer countries likely to reject agreement in Paris next year if onus falls on them rather than those largely responsible for global warming

At one point on Saturday night it looked quite likely that the Lima climate talks would collapse in disarray. Instead of the harmony expected between China and the US following their pre-talks pact, the world’s two largest economies were squaring off; workmen…
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Wendell Berry
The poet, novelist, essayist and farmer discusses organic foods, his frustrations with the environmental movement, and his love of his horses.
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Social Change Is Magic
Brower Youth Award Winner Doorae Shin writes that being a progressive activist has fulfilled her childhood fantasy to attend Hogwarts.
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Smoke ‘Em Out
The Journal’s new columnist, Anna Lappé, on what the climate justice movement can learn from the global campaign against Big Tobacco.
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What’s a Critter Worth?

On the value of wolves and eagles, ravens and squirrels.
By Eric Freedman

No Time to Spare

A review of Naomi Klein’s new book, This Changes Everything.
By Tom Athanasiou

Food Forest

In the Peruvian Amazon, locally managed Brazil nut forests help keep deforestation at bay.
By Benjamin Hodgdon

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