Flip the Script

Opportunities for the environmental movement to better engage Black, Indigenous, and Womxn of Color
Aparna Rajagopal-Durbin

Heavy Lifters

Climate science and policy is still considered a male bastion. These women are working to change that.

Amy Westervelt

A Woman’s Place is in the Woods

More and more of us are finding ourselves in the role of forest managers.

Juliet Grable

For The Virgin Islands’ Young Climate Change Officer, Irma Made the Global Crisis Personal

September 2017’s Category 5 hurricane proved that we can’t simply adapt our way into safety.

Angela Burnett

The Defenders

Colombian women are putting their lives on the line for the Earth.

Ynske Boersma

Bringing the Fight Home

My work as an environmental activist opened my eyes to the inequalities in my marriage.

Malinda Clatterbuck

Current Issue

Autumn 2018:
A special edition exploring
the links between the
environment and women’s rights

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The Environmental Movement Can Learn from #TimesUp

Harassment that may have been overlooked a decade ago is not tolerated today. That’s a great start, but it’s not enough.

Annie Leonard

No Compromise

Our movement needs to do a better job of addressing sexual violence and misogyny within its ranks.

Kiera Anderson Kitty Stryker

Fracking Chemicals Dumped in Allegheny River a Decade Ago Still Showing Up in Mussels

New study shows that strontium is making its way into the food chain

Kristina Marusic

Tens of Thousands March Across US Calling for Swift Action on Climate Change

Protests were planned ahead of San Francisco climate summit this week

Oliver Milman The Guardian

Women Rising for the Earth

Women are coming together across struggles, borders, and cultures to help build a new world.

Osprey Orielle Lake

Sharing Collective Power

Earth Island women are creating the space for all to come on board.

Tracy Mann

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