Mass Mussel Die-Offs Baffle Scientists

The freshwater molluscs that help control silt levels and filter water are facing a mysterious affliction.

The Guardian Emily Holden

Lion Shaped Mountain: The Chains

With a single shot, and a lost companion, human-chimpanzee relationships are stressed in Sierra Leone.

Andrew Halloran

Food Without Fields?

Tech 'solutions' to agricultural challenges can actually perpetuate the industrialized food system.

Anna Lappé

Rescinding Roadless Rule in Alaska Could Boost Mining on Sensitive Wildlands

State, industry eye cache of rare earth elements under Bokan Mountain in Tongass National Forest.

Paul Koberstein and Jessica Applegate

The Risk of Technofixes

'They will increase our dependence on toxic chemicals and fossil fuels and pave the way for further corporate control of global food systems.'

Dana Perls

Trump Doubles Down on His Assault on Alaska’s Old-Growth Forests

US Forest Service’s multiple plans to log vast swathes of Tongass National Forest faces stiff opposition

Paul Koberstein and Jessica Applegate

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Autumn 2019

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Fighting for Our Children against a Trumpian Future

As the president attacks the environment, education, and healthcare, we have no choice but to keeping pushing back on behalf of future generations.

Frida Berrigan

We Can’t Go to the Stars

The notion that humanity could live anywhere else than on Earth is an outlier idea.

Kim Stanley Robinson

Toppling the Repair Monopoly

Manufacturers have been making it harder for us to fix our gadgets independently, but a movement is afoot to change that.

Marie Hogan

‘Efficiency is a Renewable Resource’

Conversation: Bruce Nilles

Zoe Loftus-Farren

A Glacier Sings in Calgary

Glaciers in the Northern Rockies are dying fast. But with help from a few seismic sensors, 16 speakers, and a pair of dedicated artists, one of them isn’t going quietly.

Elizabeth Putfark

In India’s Narmada Valley, a Controversial Dam Causes Upstream Flooding and Downstream Thirst

Sardar Sarovar Dam is a classic story of a nation’s failure to deliver environmental justice to its people.

Shawahiq Siddiqui

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