Making a Mark, Lightly
For Caroline Ross, feathers become brushes, seashells transform into painter’s palettes, and clays offer up pigments.
Zoe Loftus-Farren
Data ≠ Change

Thanks to satellites, we can monitor our forests better than ever before. So why is global deforestation still increasing?

Nithin Coca

In Bullheaded Move, Trump Blocks California From Setting Vehicle Emissions Rules

State leaders, environmental groups prepare to challenge decision in court.

Maureen Nandini Mitra

Losing the Forest for the Screens

There is no better app for connecting with the natural world than not having one.

Paul Keeling

Technocracy, Luddism, and the Environmental Crisis

The green movement needs to think about social power just as much as about technology.

David King

Work, Tools, and Austerity

For the Abujhmadia, a hunter-gatherer tribe in central India, work, like much else, is a living abstract mediated by the mystery of the wild.


Current Issue

Autumn 2019

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Mirroring Nature

In Indigenous worldviews, technology is not a product, it is a process, and, therefore, alive.

Esme G. Murdock

Small is Beautiful

Seeking simple, human-scale solutions to the challenges of everyday living.

Matt Miles

Making the Case for Some Technofixes

To save Earth's diverse life, we need to embrace and improve upon technologies that have already allowed humanity to squeeze more out of less.

Emma Marris

Roadkill of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The emerging canon of disruptive tech is supposed to save the world, but it might have some unforeseen victims — all of us.

Jim Thomas

Talking Points: Autumn 2019

News in Brief

Journal Staff

God in the Machine

In certain moments, under certain circumstances, technology can offer just what we need.

The Rev. Dr. Margaret Bullitt-Jonas

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