Why Are Regional Conservationists Not Supporting the Northern Rockies Ecosystem Protection Act? 

The proposed legislation is easily the most ecological, economic, and ethical conservation bill introduced into Congress.

George Wuerthner

Mending the Staff of Life

We’ve been eating wheat for ten thousand years. Why has it suddenly started giving us trouble?

Bob Quinn and Liz Carlisle

Towards a Plastic-Free Future

How my art and love for the ocean inspired me to work on plastic pollution

Dianna Cohen

Our Kids Want Robust Climate Action, and Are Skipping School to Demand It

Tomorrow's Youth Strike for Climate is expected to be the biggest coordinated global student climate strike yet.

Zoe Loftus-Farren

Genetically Engineered Salmon May Be on Our Plates Soon

But FDA's decision to lift import ban on GM salmon without labeling specifications means you might not know you are eating it

Maureen Nandini Mitra

Food at the Heart of a Green New Deal

As bright minds dig into the details of this proposal, it’s critical to keep in mind the role of food production in the climate crisis.

Anna Lappé

Current Issue

Spring 2019: Fur - Deadly, But Still In Fashion

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What’s Killing the Pink River Dolphin?

In the Brazilian Amazon, two veteran scientists are embroiled in a bitter feud over how to protect the endangered mammal.

Sophie Yeo

Ranger Killed Just Weeks after Virunga National Park Reopening

Park in the Democratic Republic of the Congo was closed for more than eight months following series of attacks on staff last year.

Jason Burke The Guardian

Talking Points: Spring 2019

News in Brief

Journal Staff

On Thin Ice

Will the Endangered Species Act survive the Trump administration?

Charles Pekow

Rat Poison Is Owl Poison

Raptors Are The Solution

Lisa Owens Viani

Crafting a Federal Ban on Single-Use Plastics

Experts say Congress could look to local policies to shape national legislation on throwaway plastics

Erica Cirino

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