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IslandWire: August 22, 2019

90% of Californians Think Single-Use Plastic is Unbearable

photo of plastic at a demonstration

Earth Island's Plastic Pollution Coalition joined California businesses, local governments, environmental advocates, students, and a bipartisan group of lawmakers at the California State Capitol on Wednesday to call for the passage of a proposed law offering the most comprehensive framework in the nation to curb the single-use plastics and packaging waste crisis. The rally highlighted the findings of a recent Public Policy Institute of California poll revealing that 90 percent of Californians think plastic pollution is a problem for the future of the state. Read more.

photo of a logged forest

Senator Feinstein is on the Wrong Path Regarding Forests

John Muir Project is asking the public to help prevent legislation that would open up national forests to largescale logging. Phone calls are needed now to convince Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) to abandon her plans to partner with pro-logging Senator Steve Daines (R-MT) and introduce legislation that would mandate an increase in logging levels in our national forests, while rolling back bedrock environmental laws and closing the courthouse doors to the public. Let Feinstein know her policy direction regarding forests is outdated — logging does not stop forest fires and does not protect communities. It will, however, harm our native forest ecosystems, and exacerbate both the extinction and climate crises. Call Senator Feinstein's San Francisco office today at (415) 393-070 and tell her we need real community protection and climate mitigation policies, not another logging bill. Read more here.


Save the Date for the 20th Brower Youth Awards

The 20th Anniversary Brower Youth Awards Ceremony is less than two months away on October 15, 2019! Earth Island Institute has always been proud to present the Brower Youth Awards ceremony as an inspiring free event with a ticketed pre-reception for those who want to meet the winners and support year-round New Leaders Initiative programming. The theme for this year’s Brower Youth Awards is Regeneration. Just as Earth regenerates itself through cycles and seasons, showing resilience in the face of many disturbances, the Brower Youth Awards has been fostering regeneration among young people for 20 years. This award and leadership program inspires novel ideas and supports the energy and electricity of young people who bring new life into the environmental movement. Get your tickets today! Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

photo of happy backpackers

Join BAWT for a Front Country Leadership Training This Fall

Develop your personal outdoor leadership skills and learn how to make outdoor experiences an integral part of your work with Earth Island’s Bay Area Wilderness Training. Front Country Leadership Training is a two-day entry-level "car camping" course that covers all the basic skills and resources teachers and youth leaders need to take youth safely and successfully on overnight camping trips and hikes. Upon course completion, you gain access to free outdoor gear loans at three Bay Area gear libraries for your group. Learn more about the upcoming East Bay training in September and South Bay in October.

photo of people outside waving

Numi Celebrates 20 Years with Gala

Join Numi Tea and Numi Foundation to celebrate Numi's 20th Anniversary Gala on September 27 in Oakland! All proceeds will benefit Numi Foundation, a project of Earth Island. Numi Foundation programming includes organic gardening curriculum and farm field trips to over 18,000 students in low-income elementary schools throughout the Bay Area, clean water and sanitation work in global farming communities, and an Iraq Summer School program for orphans and war victims. In-kind support of Numi's silent auction is also welcome. Contact with any questions. Learn more about the event.

photo of a food

Be Part of the Climate Change Solution with Responsible Catering

Did you know that if food waste were a country, it would be the third greatest contributor to climate change behind the US and China? Food waste is a major driver of the climate crisis, and at Food Shift we unite food recovery and social enterprise to shift our broken food system. When you choose the Earth Island project as your caterer, you become part of their work. Help keep good food out of landfills and create jobs for people who need them most. Food Shift wants to cater your next special event or weekly office lunch with delicious plant-based meals! Learn more about their offerings at and contact to book your next event.

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