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IslandWire: 13 December, 2018

The Curious Eater Podcast

the curious eater

EII's Real Food Real Stories is launching a podcast, The Curious Eater! Each episode will feature stories from chefs, farmers, food makers, and more, followed by an extended conversation to dig a little deeper into topics like taking risks, balancing work + relationships, and navigating the food space as a person of color. After three years of hosting live gatherings in the Bay Area, the RFRS team is so excited at the opportunity to amplify these stories beyond the Bay. RFRS is raising $10k to produce bi-weekly episodes in 2019. Help them make it happen! You can listen to the podcast teaser here.


Of Missed Opportunities, Climate Strikes, and the Niger Delta

magazine cover thumbnail

Earth Island Journal’s Winter 2019 issue is available on newsstands and online! The magazine leads with a unique story about how several federal agencies tasked with protecting wildlife — and provided millions from the federal government to pay informants with wildlife trafficking intel — have failed to implement proactive whistleblower programs, missing a valuable opportunity to save endangered species like the vaquita. Other articles include an on-the-ground report from Colombia about a massive hydroelectric project that has devastated local communities; an interview with Greta Thunberg, the high school activist who has grabbed international attention for her climate strike; and a feature from the Niger Delta about how decades of oil production have wreaked havoc on the world’s third largest wetland.


Ranking Fast Food Companies on Single-Use Plastic

photo of trash on a beach

EII's Plastic Pollution Coalition has launched the first-ever Global Fast Food Plastic Survey tracking the progress made by companies on eliminating single-use plastic. Starting with the world’s 25 largest companies with more than 270,000 fast food outlets spread across the globe, the survey will be continually updated and expanded to the largest 100 companies. Learn more.


Kids Lead the Way with Trash-Free Tuesday

photo of a whiteboard in a classroom

Paden Elementary School students in Alameda, CA brought reusable forks, containers, and cloth napkins to school on Trash-Free Tuesday last week to protect the San Francisco Bay from plastic pollution. Together, they were able to bring 679 reusable items to one single lunch! Students planned and implemented this event with guidance from their teachers and inspired by their KIDS for the BAY Schoolwide Science and Environmental Action Program. One parent shared with the Earth Island project, “My son was so excited for Trash-Free Tuesday that he left notes for every member of our family to remind them of this important day.” Paden Elementary will continue Trash-Free Tuesdays for the rest of the school year and beyond!


Advocating for Arizona Wildlife

photo of a coyote

EII’s Project Coyote and a growing coalition in Arizona played an active role in encouraging the Dewey-Humboldt, Arizona Town Council to pass a resolution last week opposing competitive killing events in the city. The resolution, which comes in advance of the upcoming Santa Slay Coyote Tournament set to occur on public lands from December 15-16, recognizes that predators play a key role in healthy ecosystems and that killing contests do not serve any genuine ecological or wildlife management purpose. Project Coyote’s work on behalf of predators is highlighted in a feature article by Todd Wilkinson in the Mountain Journal, “A Death Of Ethics: Is Hunting Destroying Itself?


Seeding Sovereignty Supports the Green New Deal

photo of a crowd, demonstrating with a banner

EII’s Seeding Sovereignty joined more than 1,000 youth from the Sunrise Movement who flooded the Halls of Congress this week to demand their representatives support a Select Committee on a Green New Deal. Youth shared their personal stories about climate injustice and their fears for the future if drastic action isn’t taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Because of their actions, eight new Congressmembers agreed to support the Select Committee that has been proposed by Congressmember-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, including Rep. Jim McGovern, the incoming chair of the House Rules Committee who had previously been equivocating on his support for the Select Committee. Read more about the Sunrise Movement and Green New Deal.


Professional Development for Educators

photo of a child in a garden

Please join EII’s Green Schoolyards America in spreading the word about its 2019 Bay Area Principals’ Institute. This year-long professional development program helps school and district administrators adopt and sustain high quality green schoolyard programs, improving children’s health, well-being, and learning while strengthening local ecosystems. The core of the Institute consists of four seminars, which will take place on March 8, May 3, September 27, and November 8, 2019. Registration closes February 15. (Please note this is a change from what was advertised previously.) Learn more, spread the word, and register today!


The Best of Earth Island Journal:

underwater photo of manatees

Most Popular: Cruise Tourism a Big Threat to Belize’s Endangered Manatees. Reporter Colette Kase discusses how the number of Antillean manatees being killed by collisions with tourist boats has increased exponentially in the past year, pushing the gentle marine mammals closer to extinction.

photo a wolf

Editors' Pick: Efforts Underway in Congress to Strip Gray Wolves of Protected Status. Reporter Charles Pekow discusses bills in both the House and Senate that seek to remove wolves from the endangered species list.


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