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IslandWire: 13 June, 2019


Read the Journal’s Cover Story on Deer Breeding and Canned Hunting in Texas


Earth Island Journal’s Summer 2019 issue, which is now out on newsstands and online, leads with an intriguing, deeply-reported story about the faux-frontier world of manufactured deer and canned hunts in Texas that reveals how the industrial-agriculture model came to be used for deer-breeding. Written by a former Texan who spent two years investigating this subject, this narrative feature explores how canned trophy-hunts of of deer manufactured to grow massive antlers toys with our notions of what defines “wild.”

Other articles in the issue include, an uplifting story from Rio de Janiero, where conservation biologists are embarking on what may be the world’s most ambitious ecosystem-wide rewilding project; a thought-provoking piece exploring luxury ecotourism in Africa; an optimistic feature from the Peruvian Andes, where agronomists are partnering with Indigenous potato farmers to develop climate resilient potatoes; and a conversation with author Barry Lopez.

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photo of BYA winners



Save the Date for the 20th Brower Youth Awards

This October, Earth Island Institute will be celebrating 20 years of recognizing outstanding emerging youth leaders in the environmental movement. Join EII’s New Leaders Initiative at San Francisco’s beautiful Herbst Theater on October 15 to celebrate BYA@20 and cheer on the six, yet-to-be announced, winners of the 20th Brower Youth Awards. This year’s winners will join a growing and diverse group of 117 youth leaders who have received the award in past years for their sustainable and innovative solutions to our environmental problems.

Tickets to the awards ceremony are free. The public is also invited to meet the BYA winners at a special opening reception preceding the awards ceremony. Learn more and get your tickets today!


photo of the Chilcat River



Calling Attention to the Sacred Waters of the Chilkat River

Earth Island’s Alaska Clean Water Advocacy invites you to Aquasension, a gathering in Haines, Alaska, June 25 through 27, to learn from the waters and to raise awareness for the need to protect this land from industrial threats. The event will commemorate the one-year anniversary of the passing of Alaskan local Mario Benassi Jr, who transitioned in the Yuba River in California last year. Koji Mamos priests from Columbia and other Native leaders from around the US will be joining Tlingit elders from the Village of Klukwan, near Haines, to bless and heal the Chilkat River, home of the Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve, which is under threat from the proposed development of a copper/zinc mine. Alaska Clean Water Advocacy is pushing to stop the mine, working with the Tribal Council from Klukwan and several local and regional conservation organizations. Learn more.





Gratitude Dinner with the Food Shift Community

Last week Food Shift reached an important milestone in its work through a partnership with the Oakland Private Industry Council that extends enrollment in our job training program to the broader Oakland community. The Food Shift Kitchen is the beating heart of this Earth Island project and the Food Shift team invites you to get a glimpse (and taste) of their work by joining them for their June 24 Gratitude Dinner at the restaurant C’Era Una Volta in Alameda, CA. Food Shift’s culinary apprentices will share testimonials about their journeys and prepare a delicious vegetarian meal for you to enjoy. Tickets are priced on a sliding scale from $25 to $100, and no one will be turned away for lack of funds. Learn more and register.



The best of Earth Island Journal



Most Popular: California’s Twin Tunnels Water Project Is Dead. What’s Next? Journal intern Cindy Xin discusses Governor Gavin Newsom’s decision to downscale California’s controversial water project and why environmentalists are cautiously optimistic about what’s to come.



Editors’ Pick: GE American Chestnut — Restoration of a Beloved Species or Trojan Horse for Tree Biotechnology? Activists Rachel Smolker and Anne Petermann explain how the biotech industry hopes that getting genetically engineered chestnut approved for conservation planting will soften public opposition to transgenic trees.


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