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IslandWire: 10 January, 2019


Take Action to Protect California’s Forests

  people cutting downed trees

Newly-elected Governor Gavin Newsom looks poised to continue Governor Brown’s war on California forests and is being pressured by President Trump to increase logging on both private lands and National Forests. Join Earth Island’s John Muir Project in opposing these policies. Please call Newsom at 916-445-2841 and tag him on social media (Twitter and Facebook) @GavinNewsom to let him know that we don’t need more logging of dead or living trees. Logging didn’t stop the Camp Fire and it won’t work to protect communities from future fires. It will, however, damage our forests and harm wildlife. What we need is funding for programs that make homes more fire-safe. Call today to support solutions that work, not continued destruction of our environment! Learn more.




Stop Yet Another EPA Gift to the Coal Industry

          offshore drilling rig

In December, the EPA announced plans to roll back a 2015 rule that put strict limits on greenhouse gas emissions for new coal-fired plants. As a result of the rollback, new power plants will be allowed to pump more carbon dioxide into our atmosphere. This is yet another gift to the coal industry at the expense of public health and our environment. Join Earth Island Advocates in voicing your opposition to the rollback by February 19.


Catch a Film and Support Oakland Food Policy Council

          photo produce

Stop by The New Parkway Theater in Oakland any Wednesday in January and support Oakland Food Policy Council (OFPC)! All the Wednesday shows this month are donation based, and 20 percent of proceeds will go to the Earth Island project that’s working to create and equitable and sustainable food system for the city of Oakland. January movie showings include Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, Bohemian Rhapsody, Roma, and Can You Ever Forgive Me?




IMMP Sues Trump Admin Over Offshore Oil Drilling Plans

          photo of a offshore drilling rig

This week, Earth Island’s International Marine Mammal Project (IMMP), with the support of Earth Island Advocates, sued the Trump administration over the Interior Department’s failure to provide documents related to its offshore oil drilling plans.  Throughout 2018, IMMP asked for records related to these plans under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) but received no response. IMMP seeks a court order compelling the administration to obey FOIA and provide the documents. “The Trump administration continues to move forward with leasing our oceans for oil drilling, despite widespread public opposition,” said IMMP Director David Phillips. “And without the documents we requested, we can only speculate that the requests of the oil and gas industry are the real motivation behind this decision.”


Stop Corporate Green-Washing of Plastic

          corporate logos at sea

EII’s Plastic Pollution Coalition is working to hold corporations responsible for plastic pollution. Plastic waste is filling our waterways and destroying our ecosystems, yet the Plastic Industry Association is working to overturn local ordinances passed to fight plastic pollution. Help hold polluters accountable, and sign the petition from PPC partner Sierra Club today.




Cater Your Next Event with Food Shift

          photo of a group of people working in a kitchen

Earth Island’s Food Shift is excited to celebrate its graduating class of “On the Job Training” culinary students and to welcome in a new cohort at the end of January! Learn more about the impact of the culinary training program and see what the East Bay Express had to say about Food Shift’s work. Food Shift is also a proud approved vendor for the David Brower Center, where Earth Island Institute’s office are located. Hire Food Shift to cater your upcoming events, and check out it’s catering website to get a quote.




The Best of Earth Island Journal:

          photo of a mural

Most Popular: The Most Important Environmental Stories of 2018. Journal editor Maureen Nandini Mitra writes about the environmental setbacks we faced last year — from the Trump administration’s regulatory rollbacks to declining global wildlife populations — as well as stories that offered hope, including a major legal blow to Monsanto.



photo a woman

Editors’ Pick: Coal Country Environmentalist. Reporter Ed Rampell talks with West Virginian Justice Democrat Paula Jean Swearengin about her 2018 primary run for US Senator, mountaintop removal in her home state, and the loved ones she’s lost to black lung disease and cancer.




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