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IslandWire: 7 March, 2019


Earth Island Supports The Green New Deal

photo people at a podium, speaking, sign reading Green New Deal


Given the urgent need to take bold action on climate change, Earth Island is supporting the concept of the Green New Deal, which has five main goals: a fair and just transition to a net-zero emissions economy; to create good, high-wage green jobs; to invest in US infrastructure and industry; to secure clean air and water, climate and community resilience, healthy food, access to nature, and a sustainable environment for all; and to promote justice and equity. EII encourages its projects and members to actively participate in shaping the policy content of the Green New Deal program.





Check Out the Journal’s Spring Issue

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Earth Island Journal’s Spring 2019 issue is available on newsstands and online! The magazine leads with a deep dive into the fur trade, looking into how fur use still persists and exploring everything from trapping on public lands, to fur farms, to recent wins celebrated by the animal welfare movement. Other features include a report from the Amazon, where scientists are divided over what’s killing a rare river dolphin; a compelling essay by a veteran organic farmer that questions the root cause of gluten sensitivity; an uplifting story about how cider-makers and orchardists are searching out lost, heirloom American apple varietals; and an exploration of the challenges — as well as successes — of the Endangered Species Act, and the threats it faces from the Trump administration. Help us produce more deeply reported stories like these by making a donation to our Green Journalism Fund today!





Sign On to Ban Single-Use Plastics

photo of trash, including a plastic cup with straw, on a beach


Plastic is a big problem. Plastic production is directly connected to climate change as 99 percent of plastics are derived from fossil fuels. US shorelines are littered with millions of tons of single-use plastic — 91 percent of the plastic we use ends up in landfills or the ocean, where it causes the deaths of millions of animals each year. A good place to start cutting single-use plastics is with plastic straws — an estimated 1 billion plastic straws are used daily worldwide. Join EII’s Plastic Pollution Coalition in calling on local officials to ban single-use plastic straws and serve reusable or alternative material straws upon request.





SF International Ocean Film Festival

photo of a dolphin in surf


Two Earth Island projects — the International Marine Mammal Project and Shark Stewards — will be participating in the San Francisco International Ocean Film Festival this weekend. Shark Stewards director David McGuire will be hosting a panel on shark interactions and conservation on Saturday, March 9 at 3:15 p.m. at the Firehouse at Fort Mason Center. The panel will follow the festival’s shark program, which includes screenings of several shark-related short films. Learn more, and buy your ticket for the shark program today. Lives of Wild Dolphins, a short film produced by the International Marine Mammal Project, is also being shown at the festival on Sunday, March 10 at 1 p.m. in Fort Mason’s Cowell Theater ahead of the screening of the documentary, Wake. The screening will be followed by a Q&A with IMMP’s David Phillips and Mark J. Palmer. Get tickets here, and join IMMP for the film.





Tell the EPA to Protect Us from Toxins

photo of a set of industrial smokestacks


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is taking steps to dismantle the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards, a rule that is critical to stopping coal-fired power plants from emitting mercury, an extremely toxic pollutant, into our air and water. According to the EPA’s own projections, these rules save upward of 17,000 lives per year in the United States. And yet the EPA is proposing changes that will make these rules vulnerable to rollback or further legal attack. Join Earth Island Advocates in telling the EPA to stand up for common sense safeguards necessary to protect public health! Comments due by April 17.





Bay Area Wilderness Training Is Hiring

photo of people on a trail, conferring


p>EII’s Bay Area Wilderness Training (BAWT), a social and environmental justice organization creating equitable access to outdoor experiences for youth of color and low-income youth, is hiring a full-time Development Director. The Development Director will ensure that BAWT is fully meeting its fundraising goals and vision, and will work on a wide range of development activities, including cultivation of individual and major donors, grant applications, corporate engagement, board-driven fundraising, adventure fundraising, and events. The Development Director will also provide effective leadership, mentorship, and guidance to the full-time Development Associate. Applicants with diverse backgrounds and experiences are encouraged to apply. Learn more about the position, and apply by the April 8 deadline.




Living with Coyotes During Pupping Season

photo of coyote pups tussling


With coyote pupping season fast approaching, EII’s Project Coyote is encouraging people to spread the word about peaceful coexistence with our wild neighbors. Coyotes become more territorial during pupping season (which runs from April through July) as parents are protecting their young. It’s important to be coyote aware — learn tips for reducing encounters with coyotes, commonsense precautions to keep pets safe, and hazing techniques to keep coyotes wild and wary. Check out Project Coyote’s Coyote Friendly Communities™ program resources. Project Coyote’s volunteers — ranchers, animal control officers, scientists, and community educators — also provide presentations about living with coyotes. Find out if there’s an event near you. Coyotes provide myriad benefits to our communities — with education, we can coexist safely and peacefully with our native song dogs.





Join the Food Shift Team

photo of greens in a box being sorted


Did you know that 40 percent of food in the US is wasted, making food waste a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions? Food Shift is building models to address food waste, climate change, hunger, job security, and community health. The Earth Island project is excited to grow its innovative, woman-led social enterprise by hiring two additional team members: an administrative assistant and a production chef! Food Shift serves some of the best plant-based catering in the Bay Area, and wants to share these delicious meals made from recovered food with your community. The organization is looking for regular catering contracts, ranging from weekly office lunch service to dignified meals for food insecure people. Learn more about Food Shift’s meals with a mission.





The Best of Earth Island Journal:

photo of a redwood forest


Most Popular: Headwaters Forest Reserve and the Battle that Saved It. On the 20th anniversary of the creation of Headwaters Forest Reserve, reporter Dani Burlison reflects on the campaign to preserve Humboldt’s old growth redwoods.




photo of colorful soda pop in glass

Editors’ Pick: Three Years After Soda Tax, Sugary Drink Consumption Falls Drastically in Berkeley. Journal editor Maureen Nandini Mitra reports on new research showing the efficacy of the Berkeley soda tax, and discusses Big Soda’s continued efforts to fight similar local measures around the country.





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