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– Rick Lathrop, Global Service Corps

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Bay Area Grassroots Leaders Take On Climate Adaptation Policy

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We know that some communities, due to socioeconomic factors, will be hit harder than others by climate change. They also bring deep expertise in resilience. Oakland-based Rooted in Resilience launched the Resilient Communities Initiative (RCI) three years ago to ensure grassroots experts from disadvantaged communities are leading climate adaptation policy planning in their communities.This powerful initiative funded by the Kresge Foundation brings together eleven Bay Area social justice organizations with California Governor's Office on Planning and Research (the agency tasked with coordinating climate adaptation throughout the state) and various state agencies who are interested in replicating RIR's Community Resilience Model across the state. 

The initiative focuses around the Regional Resilience Leadership Academy, which over a series of policy workshops and trainings, brings grassroots leaders and public agency staff together to discuss issues, identify opportunities and plan projects to partner on. Topics include sea level rise and flooding, heat emergencies, emergency preparedness, and food, water, and energy systems.

The latest workshop in November included the California Department of Public Health and had more than 120 registrants, with a youth delegation and leaders from Spanish and Vietnamese communities. 

We can't deny the intersectionality of social justice and environmental issues; now more than ever we need communities most affected by climate change to be heard. Learn more about this initiative and sign up to RIR's mailing list to receive updates.