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Nature of San Leandro Creek

Katie Bertsche

donated to the city of San Leandro by: Creekside Plaza Partners

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About Katie:

I’m a science and natural history illustrator now living in Berkeley, California.  After many years working as an architectural designer, I am returned to my original love of drawing and painting from nature.  Subjects I prefer to work on include but are not limited to skeletons, megafauna, birds, plants, marine animals, and particle physics. I have lately had the great experience of reconstructing an extinct bird for the Smithsonian and developing educational materials for the University of California Berkeley Vertebrate Zoology museum.  I am currently working as a freelance illustrator and fine artist; I’m available for all manner of illustration, field guide, inforgraphic, mural, and exhibit design projects, so please contact me if you have a project I can help with! For this utility box project I have gotten a lot of help from the Friends of San Leandro Creek picking species to illustrate.  San Leandro creek is famous as the site of the first description of the Rainbow Trout in North America, now called Oncorhynchus mykiss irideus.

I welcome all inquiries for custom artwork and illustrations!

I am interested in working on natural history scientific illustrations, murals, interpretive signage, paleontology, entomology, botanical, physical science and procedural illustrations, book layout, childrens book illustrations, graphic and web design.

I am happy to produce work for comission.

I teach drawing and painting classes and workshops to children and adults.

Please email me at Wanderingfalcon @ gmail.com

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