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photo of a wolf in a marshlandphoto of a child in a temple ruin, carved dragon\s face near
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title = Ethical Traveler: Tibet Mudra, photo by Jeff Greenwald, EthicalTraveler
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[BAWT: Campers]
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alt   = Photo of smiling girls inside a tent
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title = BAWT: Campers
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[Borneo Project: Penan preschool kids]
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alt   = photo of many children holding toys and looking like theyre done posing, ready to play with adults nearby
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title = Borneo Project: Libby OConnor and Martin Jones with Penan preschool kids, photo by Shawn Sullivan
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[KftB: Child holding tiny crab]
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alt   = a child gently holding a tiny crab
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title = KftB: Child holding tiny crab
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[RPN: Himalayan sunrise]
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alt   = photo of a sunrise in high mountains
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title = RPN: Himalayan sunrise
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[RPN: red panda in a tree]
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alt   = photo of a red panda in a tree
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title = RPN: red panda in a tree
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[Yggdrasil: Blanton Forest]
src   = /layout/images/homeGallery/yggdrasilblanton.jpg
alt   = photo of a deciduous forest, trees of many colors, mountains behind
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title = Yggdrasil: Blanton Forest -- View from Knobby Rock in Blanton Forest, southeastern Kentucky on a hike in October 2007 to see the forest\s old growth, which totals 3,000 acres. This photo represents the study of old growth conducted by Yggdrasilphoto of people in a canefield after harvest

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Rat Poison is Wildlife Poison

photo of a bus shelter with an owl and the words, rat poison is wildlife poison

In 2017 Raptors Are the Solution is working toward a statewide ban on rodenticides in California to close the loopholes in existing California Department of Pesticide Regulations and ensure that wildlife, the environment, and humans can live toxic-free.  

They’re using some creative public education strategies like this bilingual ad that’s in bus shelters around LA this month, highlighting the impact on wildlife, particularly owls, hawks, mountain lions, and bobcats, when they eat a poisoned rodent like a rat. 

Their Owl Wise Leader Program (OWL) works with businesses who agree to stop selling rat poison of any kind and pest control companies, homeowners’ associations, urban farms, municipalities, and agencies who agree to stop using rat poison.

Young people can get involved by participating in hands on projects like crafting education door hangers or using this How To Video, produced by the San Ramon Boy Scout Troop, who constructed 9 natural owl homes during a troop contest.

Help RATS get 500 more petition signatures to support the statewide ban here.  

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